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  1. ibahawkeye

    Iowa Athletics Announces Department Budget Cuts for '21 Fiscal Year

    Doyle'st contract take a cut? Might have got out at the right time.
  2. ibahawkeye

    Slightly OT - what is everyone doing for the 4th of July

    Not looking forward to fireworks with a dog at home that barks and a new born baby.
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    OT: Usernames

    I be a hawkeye.... lame as well. Only good story I have is that these are my license plates as well and my wife had a friend post on Facebook that IBAHAWKEYE.... UBADICK because I was tailing her on the way to work. Get out the fast lane if you're not gonna drive fast enough to pass the car...
  4. ibahawkeye

    If You Could Only Have 1 Hawkeye Sport in '20-21

    Basketball... more games and better opportunity for the team
  5. ibahawkeye

    Steve Forbes Finalizing Deal with Wake Forest

    30-80 in ACC and only 1 NCAA tourney in 6 years
  6. ibahawkeye

    All-Time Starting 5 of Native Iowans

    I think this would be my lineup a well.
  7. ibahawkeye

    The Hopefully Not Garza’s Last Home Game Thread

    I don’t know what the bald dude’s stat line is but he’s absolutely killed us
  8. ibahawkeye

    Vegas pretty much calls it again....Iowa good, but not great team.

    I can’t help but think of the what if.... If we hang on and can win the 2 home games, Luka is POY for sure and we might have been able to get a double bye in BTT and might be looking at like a 4 seed in NCAA. But then I try to put some perspective behind it. Nobody dreamed of Luka being a...
  9. ibahawkeye

    Hawks look to start win streak of one at Breslin game thread

    Dropping my one complaint and back to watching the game... how many times are we not going to defend the inbound play
  10. ibahawkeye

    On to MSU

    8 point dogs
  11. ibahawkeye

    Horrible officiated game

    Its an easy fix.... follow the women’s game and go to quarters and double bonus on the 5th foul. Now officials can call more fouls without just sending it to the free throw line and making it a free throw shooting contest with no flow.
  12. ibahawkeye

    Big Ten Bracket Simulator

    Is it back in Indy this year?
  13. ibahawkeye

    Hawkeyes in the XFL

    I looked at rosters as well... Butler was only one I saw. There were a couple cyclones.
  14. ibahawkeye

    CJ > JBO

    Hard for me to quantify JBo tho on offense. The shots, the timing of those shots but also the spacing on the floor and the impact that provides his teammates. I see JBo splitting between 1-2. The other luxury is CJ and Joe are both good defenders and will be tasked with the tougher guard...
  15. ibahawkeye

    CJ > JBO

    It's going to be interesting in late game situations because yes, we certainly could utilize Joe T on the Defensive end but we also will want Joe B on the floor for FT shooting. I'm sure we'll do some O/D substituting late in the games.
  16. ibahawkeye

    CJ > JBO

    JBo isn’t coming back for his senior year to come off the bench but honestly, I like the idea of him being the 6th man. Keeps strongest Defensive lineup on the floor and adds to bench scoring. He’ll be on the floor late due to FT shooting. I would guess that we see Joe T go back to bench...
  17. ibahawkeye

    C-Mac love

    As I'm sitting here thinking about Connor I just thought about this comparison..... Draymond Green There's obviously some differences in Green being taller and more physical but they are they type of players that can be great when surrounded by scorers. They love to defend, compete, rebound...
  18. ibahawkeye

    How Luka Garza Found His Way To Iowa.

    Garza has progressed so much I wander how healthy he was last year in dealing with the surgery but I also wouldn’t want to discredit the work he’s put in and he clearly has good family support throughout his journey.
  19. ibahawkeye

    Friday night's Main Event Live from Icy Iowa City: Michigan vs Iowa Game Thread

    Luka is obviously our best player but CJ is the MVP. It’s not even CJ, it could be Joe it’s just their position. We just absolutely need both of them. Luka can operate, we can defend, shoot the 3, Connor and Joe T can be more themselves when we have these 2 guys. I’ve always been a believer...
  20. ibahawkeye

    Friday night's Main Event Live from Icy Iowa City: Michigan vs Iowa Game Thread

    How does the clock guy not know that play?? Fran runs it all the time