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    Story: A New Era on Horizon for Hawkeye Basketball

    Yeah I just don't know. We've had Fran now for how long and this really seems to be his ceiling. He can't coach defense, and he can't recruit ball handlers. We consistently get really good SF-PF-C, but athletic teams just abuse us.
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    So What is your Expectation for Iowa Basketball?

    What year are we on and we still don’t have any athletic players for guards. Oregon just abused us off dribble and division one players are going to hit wide open threes. this is as good as it gets with Fran and I’m so happy he’s extended!!! /sarcasm
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    The Official Duck Hunt your way to the Sweet 16 Game thread

    I'm so glad this style of basketball has been extended. We now have two coaches who are average at best stuck here forever. Imagine if the Big10 Football was as strong as it is in Basketball. Barta was the worst hire possible for this sports org.
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    First round NCAA tourney loss?

    Haven’t really paid as much attention as in years past, mostly cause it feels kinda like Groundhog Day with both programs (football). we seem to have potential, beat some good teams, then go through a slump, and feels like we limp into the NCAA when we make it....that must be from crapping out...
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    Spencer Petras

    It would take Iowa 5 seasons to attempt 22 deep passes. Brady is struggling in the Tampa system. They have no running game and teams are dropping their safeties deep. Throw in QB pressure and Brady can’t do anything. It’s like the opposite of Iowa. Teams stack the box and dare Iowa to...
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    Spencer Petras

    He’s not good. Simple as that. Very similar to Stanley but seems to be even slower on foot. His INT against NE was one of the worst I’ve ever seen at any level. He lacks composure, and that surprised me since he came from a pretty good high school program. i do wonder if playing QB at Iowa they...
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    Hawks under KF have always been a QB away from winning championships

    No, we are a middle of the damn road offense away from making the championship game more often than not. we don’t adapt to the players we have and refuse to change anything. his demand to play every damn game under 30pts is what costs us. under Brian we rank in the bottom of offensive data...
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    Spencer Petras

    I’ll start by giving a little slack to BF It’s hard to run an offense when your QB is so inaccurate. There’s been a lot of big plays and points left off the board because the last four years our QBs can’t connect on a pass over 20 yards (Stanley got a little better but he had to put so much...
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    Just when you are about ready to write them off

    It’s the same damn script nearly every year (2015 being exception that we won every game till championship) We lose close games to teams with a pulse. Once or twice a year the stars align and the defense, special teams, and offense (this game the running backs) catch fire we all think this...
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    As my first post, I’ll start a game thread for Sparty.

    Can we throw a pass beyond 5 yards if we’re outside the red zone ? Every pass minus the TD has been less than 8 yards
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    Call it what it is, this is a BADDD Iowa football team

    Also Kirk is really bad at one score games. His whole philosophy is for this result yet he loses more than he wins. Yet it’s what we do
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    Call it what it is, this is a BADDD Iowa football team

    BF likes to think he’s smarter than anyone on the field. He’s clearly trying to copy the Patriots offense but you need a accurate Qb to do that and creative routes to get your WR open in space. instead we throw the 3 yard outs, sidelines, and can’t ever get close on a deep pass. Spencer has...
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    Today in How the B1G Football World Turns

    We have half of power 5 schools not releasing data. PSU showing that nearly 35% of positive cases have heart conditions(for reference the flu CAN do the same, but it’s 0-10% with it being closer to the low end) How many potential NFL prospects will have their draft stock hurt if they contract...
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    Iowa Pausing Ticket Sales for 2020 Football Season

    Nature is in control here, always has been and will be. There are too many variables and for me personally i don’t want to see greed win out over the safety of players, staff, workers, and families. That doesn’t mean it stings any less. Even TV shows / movies are on hold which means you...
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    Will We Have Football in the Fall?

    The only way we have any form of a season is if a treatment is available that reduces the severity of the illness. Take it from 20% chance of severe pneumonia to 5%. Basically a strong cold. This thing is contagious. We all want to believe that young 18-22 year old men are invincible but you...
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    Will We Have Football in the Fall?

    This isn’t hard to understand Ebola, SARS, MERS are way deadly in comparison but harder to transmit. You must be symptomatic in order for the virus to spread to the next person. And in the case of Ebola it’s through bodily fluids. SARS and MERS have a much closer range than Covid19 (versus...
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    Will We Have Football in the Fall?

    I misspoke. Obesity leads to loads of health issues, most of which lead to a greater struggle with covid19. Sweden is doing the Herd Immunity route and they have the highest death rate per capita of any euro country. And they’re much fitter, less diverse (and smaller) population than we are...
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    Will We Have Football in the Fall?

    To achieve this, we need at least 50% of the population to be infected. so let’s say that’s 160 million people infected. now 20% of this will require hospitalization, thats 32 million people. The death rate for this at the moment is 1.3%. But let’s say it ends up lower with more infections...
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    Will We Have Football in the Fall?

    Yep. And to produce enough vials, needles, and who knows how much of the actual medicine to get to the population......that’ll take at least six months on its own. Healthcare workers and others would get it first. now if China gets the vaccine first we’ll be waiting for a long time to get...
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    Will We Have Football in the Fall?

    I think this is the case for college sports. The pros, they can probably work something out as they have more resources and it’s their job. There is no way a vaccine is available before mid next year, and that’s bucking everything we know about the vaccine process (they normally take 10-15...