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    Thoughts on QB coach

    McNutt is the head coach for the CR Titans (yeah, yeah, I know). He's also done a lot of one on one coaching with kids in the area. Not sure he's the ideal candidate but he has some experience. Please avert your eyes from Marv Cook for a few more years. I'd like my boys to play for him...
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    REPORT: Kennedy & White Will Not Be Renewed

    Are you saying Brian's the second Sith?? (Kidding!) Agree with all who say White didn't deserve this base on production. He must have pissed off Kirk.
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    DJK interview. Some good info here.

    I enjoy the podcast too. At times, I can feel brain cells fading away but that's usually when Drew comes out of no where with some really astute commentary or addition that helps me understand the program better. It's interesting how many times they have validates what most of us have talked...
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    I think Iowa has the emotional edge next week.. thanks Bucks.

    Love that the game went into OT and that the Buckeyes won (hurts to say). Seems like a perfect scenario going in to next week. They will probably be a little beat up and are down two games in the conference. Their next two games will be their biggest challenges for the rest of the season...
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    Good story on former Hawkeye QB David Raih

    I knew him when he was a surgical rep in Iowa and a GA at Iowa. He's an incredibly, incredibly nice guy. I hate the Packers but I'll root for him. He's a guy who deserves all the good things that come his way.
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    Carver Arena is BORING

    I agree with this. All of the stairs wind up making the first ten rows look very sparse. It's not that people aren't in the seats, it's that there are 6-8 people and then a big walk way and then 6-8 more people. The students need better seats. Let them in for free. Give them signs, Fat Heads...
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    Matt Bowen

    Dan? Does he still work at Starbucks?
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    Announced Reid to BC as DC Interesting article from Morehouse. Wouldn't have thought of Kittle. Would love to see David Raih back at Iowa. He's a great guy and seems to be respected in coaching circles.
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    I never heard

    I think there were between 60-65% Iowa fans at the bowl game so that's roughly 60K fans. Lots of USC and UCLA fans were rooting for us too. Not sure if that counts. :)
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    Knock Cooks block off...

    Kirk Cousins ALMOST made me change my mind about Sparty. He seemed like a nice kid and was always/usually complimentary of Iowa. Their fans were great before the B1G championship game too. Watching Dantonio and Cook at the trophy ceremony made me remember why they are grade A douchebags.
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    B1G Bowl Podcast re: Star Wars discussion (spoiler alert!!!)

    Not terribly surprised if that's what Deace said. Jon and Steve both made comments about women watching the movie with them that were sort of crappy. Heaven forbid a women not only like Star Wars but be more into it than her spouse. I was underwhelmed by the movie. The fact that they used...
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    CJB & TS caption this

    As soon as this was posted (twitter? instagram?) I know it would show up some where with a "caption this" thread.
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    Welcome Home, Mr. Howe

    "Zany" is accurate. I've found myself laughing hysterically at times. You did a good job grounding them. The other day I counted four (FOUR!) subject changes in 23 seconds.
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    RB Tix Falling

    We all went through that circus no matter how you tried to get your tickets. We happened to buy RB tickets a few months back but then our group grew and grew. From Sunday at 2pm until Monday, we were all scrambling to find tickets and network like crazy. None of us expected our point total to be...
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    Welcome Home, Mr. Howe

    Rob, I've listed to the AllHawkeyes podcast all season. I do love the banter and ADD nature of the conversation but I often found myself wondering if you were pounding your head against the desk while the rest debated Wham! over Tears for Fears. Ha! I wondered where you had been. Great to see...
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    Have you bought any Rose Bowl merchandise?

    Sheels actually had some really good stuff and their relatively low prices surprised me. Black and Gold was crazy expensive. I haven't been to Game Day to see if he got any stuff in. Does anyone know if they will have commemorative Rose Bowl footballs?
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    Any truth to airfare from Iowa/Chicago to LA?

    We called They had some flights that were not available online. Wound up getting direct flights from Chicago for $420. Might be worth trying to call some of those sites (travelocity, orbitz, travelzoo etc) to see if they have some other options.
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    When as the last time you felt bummed about an Iowa loss in football?

    We were there and while I HATED the outcome, it's impossible not to feel incredible gratitude for the season this team gave us. My son didn't see it that way. Apparently he had a meltdown that lasted so long his grandma was worried the neighbors were going to call the police for a child...
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    Espn game day signs in Indy

    Even with all of the creativity here, this might just be the best,
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    This article suggests Ohio St will not be in the Rose because or television ratings

    Re: This article suggests Ohio St will not be in the Rose because or television ratin The Rose is owned by the Rose Bowl parade, the BIG, and The PAC 12. While the committee is supposed to place teams in bowls, I cannot believe these three owners would pass up the change at 40K Iowa fans...