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    Music Thread

    That's a tough one. There are many that come to mind: Lynyrd Skynyrd "Pronounced" The Doors, "Doors" Van Halen "Van Halen" Hendrix "Are You Experienced?" Pearl Jam "10" And on and on. One of my personal faves is Bush "Sixteen Stone." They were slightly late in the grunge arena, but that album...
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    Roh Roh!

    Hopefully, Eppy finds a niche and excels somewhere. On a side note, both Van Ness and LaPorta are lighting it up in their respective camps.
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    Barta out?

    I definitely would eliminate that mind-numbing clause that allows defensive points scored to be included in the calculation. That's frankly ridiculous (but, then again, so is Kirk's low bar of 8 wins....). Also, if we are talking about having any "points scored" incentive at all, it makes much...
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    90% chance that it's Goetz. Bringing her in to the fold when they did - for just enough time to aclimate - is the tell. The administration possibly will interview a few other candidates to give the appearance of a process, but the ink on the contract more than likely is already dry. I can't...
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    Unpopular Opinion, Change My Mind...

    I had the same experience with Scotch initially. One of my attendings was a big Scotch guy and would always push it when were out as a group. At first I didn't care for it at all, but, slowly, it kind of grew on me. Eventually, I caught the bug. Just had some last night. That said, the type of...
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    Do we like the Ohio State WR visiting today?

    That's kind of what I figured. I'm sure all of the athletes are (cough) correctly reporting (cough) on that income.......
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    Do we like the Ohio State WR visiting today?

    I was pondering all of this the other day. Another gray area would be taxes and social security. Is the Swarm (or other boosting collectives) on the hook to pay taxes on the payouts, and, are they forced to pay into social security even though technically the recipients are not directly...
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    3 hawks in first 34 nfl draft picks

    Seth Anderson is the type of player that could really surprise. Regardless of what happens this season, we have to tip our collective hat to the staff for scoring in the portal. I'm not sure any fan actually thought we would be that successful. We'll see if it pays off. Offensive line play will...
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    Do we like the Ohio State WR visiting today?

    All of a sudden, every HN poster under the age of 45 is typing "Willie Guy" into their browsers...
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    This staff blew it

    It's definitely worth the tour. Very difficult to describe. One of those things you have to see to appreciate.
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    This staff blew it

    Have you ever been to "House on the Rock?" That's one of those out of the way tourist attractions that's pretty remarkable, and the history is interesting.
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    Charlie Jones drafted in 4th round by Bengals

    Sometimes the recruiting tendencies don't make sense, so there's always hope. For years, Georgia Tech ran a run-heavy offense but somehow continually recruited great at WR. with guys like Calvin Johnson and Demaryius Thomas, amongst others, but their running back recruiting was only so-so. Go...
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    Charlie Jones drafted in 4th round by Bengals

    You may very well be right, but unless you personally talked to Charlie and he said as much, it is an assumption. My guess is that it was one of several factors, including playing with O'Connell and under a coach known for creative pass offenses. And, yes, his timing was a gut-punch. I hated to...
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    Charlie Jones drafted in 4th round by Bengals

    Charlie was actively recruited by Aiden O'Connell, his childhood friend. Hard to say how much our middling offense had to do with it, but I'm sure O'Connell hyped Brohm's offensive system, and probably took shots at ours, in the process.
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    Iowa Post-Spring Position Analysis: TE

    This group has the makings of another Fant/Hockenson-type impact. With the limitations we have at WR, I would be shocked if the offense doesn't rely heavily on two-TE sets the majority of the year. If McNamara is healthy and the OL takes a (big) leap forward, our TEs should shine.
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    3 hawks in first 34 nfl draft picks

    That's kind of my point. In every situation where Iowa lost out on it's top-rated TE recruits, an argument could be made that there was a legitmate explanation. Nevertheless, despite our NFL success and reputation, we haven't been the lightening rod for TE recruits that one would expect.
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    3 hawks in first 34 nfl draft picks

    You would think, but that hasn't necessarily been the case. Iowa has missed out on several TE recruits high on the board over the last several years. Just recently, they lost a couple to PSU and one to Notre Dame (Eli Raridon, despite being a local product). Same with OL. Despite KF's...
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    Reaction to Packers Picking Lukas Van Ness

    Lifelong Packers fan here. From what I've read, I think most Packer fans are okay with Van Ness being the pick. I know I was, and actually told my wife right before the pick that I could see Van Ness be the guy. My hope was that the OT from Tennessee, Wright, would fall to them, or the DT from...
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    This staff blew it

    I recall the '73 blizzard very well. There is a picture of me on top of a drift right next to the school, and the drift is actually higher the the two-story roof of the school. As for ice storms, I recall one that really sticks out in my mind. I believe it was the day before thanksgiving or...
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    What do you think of new rules proposed for college wrestling?

    If I had a personal choice, give it to the guy with the most TDs. If tied, then the wrestler who scored last.