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    Howe: Luka Garza's Selflessness Best Part of Story

    I saw it on a postgame tweet from I believe Tom Kakert if I remember right. It is kind of a shame that fans who aren't allowed in the stands can hardly even find the good content on this historic achievement to soak it in. Fox went right to commercial break after he broke the record and then...
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    Howe: Luka Garza's Selflessness Best Part of Story

    Rob, I finally saw the postgame video tribute with former players, no thanks to the Fox coverage lol. Anyway, glaring omission on that video... Roy Devyn Marble. Any idea why he wasn't on that or even at the game in person? Boy that seems strange to me. You'd have though he would have been...
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    Joe T. Played 7 minutes. Connor played 27

    In 10 years, has anyone ever thought we pulled a game off because Fran outcoached the other coach? I can't, but I've had several games were I feel like he got out coached. He is an ok recruiter, players seem to like him, can coach in practice.... but as far as an in game coach he is just...
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    Could this be Fran's best bunch of bench players

    Perkins had a couple really nice moves. He may actually be ahead of Ulis as far as game ready? Looks like he has more of a BIG TEN Body at the moment. But give these guys all a full year in Iowa's conditioning and weight program I think they'll all look different last year. Patrick moves...
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    Jack Nunge

    We don't need Nunge to really score much. If he grabs 10 boards and plays good interior defense while Garza is getting a breather we'll be fine IMO. Anything he adds offensively is just bonus. What is great about this team is we've shown we can win with a different hot hand (other than Garza...
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    Illinois, at home, upset by lowly Maryland 66-63

    How many times can I like this lol
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    ~ Iowa Basketball Career Records to Watch ~

    Great stuff, thanks man. Really hoping Luka gets a fair shot to play the season out and break the record. He deserves it! I never thought I would see that record broken in my lifetime, especially with all the players that leave early for the NBA now.
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    ~ Iowa Basketball Career Records to Watch ~

    thanks for the Update! do you know how many Games Marble played to get his points vs were Luka is right now? How many NCAA games vs what Luka has had? Losing the BIG Tourney and NCAA minimum 1 game last year cost Luka probably minimum of 60 pts I'd guess? Really hoping Luka doesn't get...
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    Purdue observations

    Agreed with OP. Painter is one of the most underrated coaches in the NCAA. You never hear him mentioned much when people talk about the best coaches. He had a great game plan against Iowa last night, and Kudos to our guys for being tough and still beating a very good team by 15. Joe T only...
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    Saw the other day a sweep is the equivalent of an 8.5 game winning streak with this shortened season. So sweeping the reds today would be huge. Really great way to start the season off if we could and get some teams behind the 8 ball right away.
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    Looking at Iowa Football Player Representation, Retention Since '09

    I think the issue is that there isn't much the U of I or coaches can say really. They are in a no win situation, as getting in to a back and forth with former players would be a bad look too. I'm sure some of the coaches would LOVE to give us their thoughts on certain players and what type of...
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    Luka Garza Weighing Options While Working Out with Loaded Iowa Roster

    I was wondering the same thing about the insurance policy. To be the all time leading scorer at a Big Ten school and also be safe with your financial future seems like a win win.
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    Wadley's mom active on Facebook

    I remember my mom went and talked to my middle school coach when I was in 7th grade once and I found out about it and was so mad at her. Embarassed. I couldn't imagine being Akrum's age and having my mom still doing that to me and speaking for me. That said, I'm realizing nothing is ever as...
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    Kansas City-Area Receiver Arland Bruce IV Picks Hawkeyes

    Really, when we think about it, we should easily have a natty title in Football, Basketball and Wrestling in the next 3 years or so. :)
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    When JBo returns next year...

    I bet Georges still wears his high school Letter Jacket.
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    Iowa vs Kansas - Game Notes & Thread

    Very good start to the season for the Hawks!
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    Ready for some baseball! I'll be at my 1st ever spring game the 19th to see them! I have Dish, this whole Marquee thing is a pain. I hope Dish and them get it figured out ASAP or I'll be having to find another source I guess.
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    Who would you add?

    yes we would need to make some room possibly, but normally assume a transfer or something. With what we have coming back potentially, its hard not to push all the chips in somehow.
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    Who would you add?

    I still think the missing link on this team is PG or at the very least slasher, so Lester. I hope Joe T can get there next year, but if I were Fran realizing how special this team could be next year (assuming Garza is back) I would be painting the picture of the possibilities to the best...
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    Where Does Matt Painter Rank on Your BIG Coaches List?

    Just wondering where you all would put Matt Painter among Big Ten Coaches. Seems like Purdue gets very little talk on a national scale compared to the Blue Bloods but year in and year out they have solid and consistent basketball teams. This year perhaps a little "down" for them but I still...