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    Are there any BBall Rule Changes that You Would Like to See?

    Excellent take, Fry. The average fan who talks about dreadful officiating wouldn't know good (or bad) reffing if they saw it. Most have no idea what it takes to ref a game at any level. Watching a game thru ref's eyes (30+ years for me) is a totally different experience. One of the problems is...
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    Are there any BBall Rule Changes that You Would Like to See?

    Already happens, and has been in place forever
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    Iowa State Is A Tire Fire

    It just gets better and better. "nothing has changed"? Oops! And, by the way, you're the one who started this thread. Who's living rent free in who's head?
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    Iowa State Is A Tire Fire

    This is the most perfectly timed post I've ever seen. Immediately afterward, Iowa lost to Nebraska and Ohio State, and ISU went back-to-back on #7 Baylor.
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    OT: F@$& The NFL

    If you complain about the NFL and its lack of integrity, then say how much you love the NCAA, that is pure hypocrisy
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    Cyclones win in walk-off field goal...immediately injure kicker.

    cool story! It gives us all a chance to yuck it up and ridicule ISU for such a bonehead move. Unfortunately, it never happened.
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    2t Conversion play

    The fact that the game ended with a Badger kneel-down at the Iowa 11 makes this discussion rather moot. If the try is good, Wisconsin kicks a field goal with no time left, and wins by 3 instead of 2.
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    OT - NFL Officiating

    As a baseball umpire, I will give you a good example. When I'm watching a runner advance to a base, and the throw is coming in, I watch to see if the ball beat the runner, and if the ball is down. If those two things happen, the runner is out. I don't really care if an actual tag is made. In...
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    Chris Street award

    When everyone wins the Chris Street award, nobody wins the Chris Street award.
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    Wisky BB is everything Iowa isn't

    Yes. A long time ago Wisc sucked. (But just before they sucked, they won the national Championship.) Meanwhile, a long time ago Iowa was good. Thanks for the tip. Oh, and, once again, as always... it's the ref's fault.
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    Man this A and M team looks bad.

    = Oklahoma AD selection committee conspiracy! Ha!
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    Sunday's game will be huge for the women!

    Man I can't wait for thi... zzzzzzzzzzzz *huh* what? oh, sorry, I just dozed off for a minute there.
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    Hayes shoves his eye into Woody's finger

    I think this topic has run its course, but there are a number of fans in the other threads that have blamed Hayes and Kaminski for ramming their eyes into Woody's finger. Priceless!
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    Woody called out

    Announcers call him a coward and a cheap-shot artist, call for the big ten to suspend him. Harsh.
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    I have reason to hate ISU again.

    I have a strong feeling that many fans use the word "thug" because they know they would be banned if they used the "n" word, but that's really what they mean.
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    Good to see that ISU still knows how to win with class

    The surest thing in sports is for a fan of the losing team to pull out the class card. "well, we may have lost, but our program is so much classier than theirs." ha ha! Priceless!
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    First time in Kinnick

    I won't deny that some "enemies" may be mis-treated at Camp Randall, every fan base has their share of jack-*****. I'm sure I could find some Badger fans that did not have a positive experience. But I did, and I think most trips to opponents stadiums are positive ones. It's kind of a mid-west...
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    First time in Kinnick

    Saturday was my first time in Kinnick. There were 10 of us, 4 die-hard Hawk fans and 6 Badger fans. We stopped by a Hawkeye tailgate and were treated like kings. In the stadium, we sat right under the giant screen in the south end-zone, so we had a good view of the game. I have to say, the...
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    Gophers win the NIT

    ha ha the one thing Cyclone and Hawkeye fans agree on is that we can both make fun of the Gophers. So Doublewide throws out a little jab and Gohawkz goes all Gary Busey on him with, not one, but TWO replies to the same post. Lighten up Go - why do feel you have to come to MNs defense, anyway...
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    Clowns on offense did a lot of pushing off and zero calls

    Yes those dirty Cyclone players were so mean to us and to make it worse those stinky refs let them get away with it. The only reason the refs called fouls on them late in the game is because they knew we would miss the free throws.