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    New Hawkeye Assistant

    Not really strange given what he's going to. He was at analyst at KU, then the oppty to be a position coach at Wyoming. Then the opportunity to be at Iowa as a full-time assistant based on a change (and his son is here). As assistants, you have to go where the opportunities are.
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    Noah Fant

    The thing is the NFL does not care really very much about college numbers. They do to a degree, but it's all about the film. What Fant is putting on film is tremendous. You can see him running by guys, even if the ball is underthrown.
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    Noah Fant

    Good grief. Greene was on campus one year (as a freshman). Was behind Albert Young and Damian Sims, 2 very good backs in 2006. Played some. Next year he had to go to Kirkwood for academic reasons (2007). Then returned in 2008 and rushed for 100+ in every game and won Doak Walked Award. I cannot...
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    Noah Fant

    Folks should go back and watch the game. Just a couple things go differently and Fant has a huge game. From re-watching it's obvious that Iowa puts in a lot of stuff every week to get Fant in favorable matchups. Random bad luck that this week weird stuff happened on several of them, and Fant...
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    Noah Fant

    Agreed. Fant gets a lot of attention now from defense. They definitely are aware of him running down the middle of the field. I too have been perplexed about the number of snaps Fant gets in the TE rotation. The coaches obviously consider Hockenson the best in-line TE they have. I suppose they...
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    Start Toren Young?

    From watching all the backs in game action, I can see why IKM won the starting job. He has the best combination of power and speed of any back on the roster. His best run of the day was the 45-yarder that went inside the 20-yard line that was called back due to the cut block called on Reynolds...
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    Howe: Iowa Football OWI Punishment Must Be More Strict

    Yes, no need to make strawman arguments on either side. 99.9% of the population and fan base thinks OWI is serious and should be treated as such. Reasonable people can differ on what punishment should be for that (from a team perspective). There is a student code of conduct policy that covers...
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    Howe: Iowa Football OWI Punishment Must Be More Strict

    This is undoubtedly true. I don't blame the police for not just telling people to park their car and go home. If said person got injured walking home, there would be trouble. If said person drove drunk another time (didn't learn their lesson from the "warning" from the police), the police would...
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    Justify the extention of FRAN

    And he added that there have been interest from other teams in Fran. My answer to that is "so what?" Just because another team expresses interest in your coach, doesn't mean you go out and make the buyout so large as to be equal to brand-new coaches at other Big 10 schools. Extending Fran was...
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    Iowa Media HAS To Admit Now That...

    The offense is good. Look at efficiency stats, which account for how good you are on a per possession basis, so raw number of points doesn't matter. And the offense isn't only good when Iowa is down a bunch. Against Michigan State, Iowa's offense was great the entire game, the defense was just...
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    I don't know that it was a cover up per se. They knew this information would come out as all it would take was a FOIA request and they had to turn it over. The logical explanation is that announcing an extension in the middle of a bad season would have the reaction that it's getting from the fan...
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    Leistikow: What was Barta thinking?

    It's all context. To get Holtmann to leave a very good job at Butler the Buckeyes had to pony up. And reality was even if Holtmann didn't do the job at OSU, he'd be given a minimum of 2-3 years and the buyout would come down to more acceptable levels over that time. Same for Archie Miller...
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    Frans Buyout

    Bingo we have a winner. It's a free country, good on Fran for getting this buyout. The persons who should be asked about this are Barta and Harrald. I'm not sure what the media would expect Fran to say if they ask him "Is your buyout too large?"
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    Learning From The Purdue Game.

    There is no "learning" that can really happen at this point of the season. Yes, teams get better or worse as the season goes on but the character of a team is established prior to the first game being played. Iowa has played loose and sloppy all year, but it didn't matter in the first few games...
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    have the players quit

    I would not say quit. Most of the guys who hit the floor are trying. But there is a difference between trying and being totally bought in. This team is for sure, 100% not all on the page. That is developed in practice. Guys just are not completely locked in to being successful on both ends of...
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    Jon's new article

    Some folks here just cited a whole list of reasons (population, recruiting base, etc) as to why it's harder to win at Iowa and the response is "no excuses." Of course you can compete at Iowa. The school is in the Big 10, which by definition allows the school to compete. But there are literally...
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    Jon's new article

    Did Wisconsin create a culture that demands success? Or did they hire the right coaches in Bo Ryan and Alvarez? To address your question, Wisconsin does have the advantage of a state with 5.8M people compared to 3M in Iowa. And the Badgers are clearly the flagship program in the state...
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    Jon's new article

    Do you follow basketball at all, and the number of Division I players that are turned out each year by high schools in Indiana compared to Iowa? It's about 4 or 5 to 1 in terms of Division I talent every year coming out of Indiana compared to Iowa. High school basketball is a quasi-religion in...
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    Jon's new article

    Bluebloods do change over time due to extended periods of success, but the main factors in making up blueblood programs are the inherent advantages those programs have, not in they just set high goals. Everyone in a P5 conference sets a goal of winning its conference and going to Final 4's. Very...
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    Jurors hear starkly different portrayals in opening statements of Jane Meyer's case against Iowa

    I would argue that KF is actually quite good at explaining things. His job in media settings is not to tell us fans every piece of information we want to hear. It's to provide some small sliver of insight into the state of his team or the opponent (during the game week press conferences) and to...