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    Aaron White!

    Oh Yeah. He's passing up way too many Tres...
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    Something I heard re: QB's and Ruddock

    Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner.
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    Hate to say it but Urban is restoring the order for real

    Not sure yet. This is still Tressell's team. Every team Meyer went to, the recruitment had already been established. And when the well runs dry, he has "health problems". I'll wait to see if he's still there after 5 years.....
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    Most disappointing KF trait

    Agree, but lets take it a step further. WE LOST AT HOME! It's one thing to go to Ames and have a bad day, but EVERY team this year has come into Kinnick and kicked our a$$, physically. I don't recall any of Hayden's teams being this soft.
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    Anyone see the shot of KF after the Morris INT?

    What was even worse was the faces (emotions) of the players and staff behind him.
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    The Silver Lining......sort of

    "Good. We'll agree to agree then." Yes, Jack (Daniels) and I agree. Sorry for the consuffion...
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    The Silver Lining......sort of

    "I know that. We are talking about in the red zone though. That play was not in the redzone. Although that was certainly a throw that should not have been made, especially in FG position when a FG sends the game to OT at home." True, and not disagreeing with you at all. Just saying they went...
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    We'll be fine

    "You'll hear no dissent from me, " --LIKE---
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    The Silver Lining......sort of

    He tried Fedo on that last play and the LB played back in the zone and made a great play.
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    We'll be fine

    "Golfer sounds like a Cubs fan." Cubs will win a World Series before Hawks win a National Championship...
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    The Silver Lining......sort of

    BIG really sucked today. Wisky, Iowa, NW, Indy - loosing their QB, Illinois (soon), penn st....
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    I'm not calling for KF's head (and never will), but I'll play along. But if the world ended tomorrow and we needed a new coach, my vote would be Brock Spack - head coach for Illinois State. Watch him go places...
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    Next Week

    Seriously, I am very concerned about next week. As bad as we've played the last 2 weeks, a very good UNI team can come in here and do some damage.
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    Rob Howe was right

    "Man I cant wait for the 2016 season." I'd start chanting " 4 more years, 4 more years", but my conservative side won't let me.
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    Ferentz should put the empty trophy cases in his office.
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    Has vandy ever hit anyone more than 30 yards downfield? I guess that explains the 2 yard routes...
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    Gotta love those 2 yard routes...
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    More IL football recruits on Iowa radar 4/23

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    Final Four National Anthem

    I did. He said take 2 Bayers and go to the bathroom when it's sung...
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    Final Four National Anthem

    Ooops, missed it. I was in the bathroom... :rolleyes: