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    Padilla…”What’s the upside?”

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    Good win

    Agreed. But terrible may be good enough when nobody can score more than ten points on you. Someone is going to come to Iowa, run it 50 times, and just wear the Iowa defense down not caring about the score preventing passing turnovers, and Iowa's offense won't be up to scoring once. That will be...
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    Preview, Prediction: Iowa-Rutgers Football

    Northwestern has been worse in several years. There were some Indiana teams this bad.
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    Preview, Prediction: Iowa-Rutgers Football

    Very little. Their 3rd down stats are horrible, and so are their yards per play.
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    Light in the shorts?

    This is the issue. It's really essential in the zone.
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    Petras(while still has work to do) looked like a different QB tonight.

    34.6 QBR, right? No, he did not look like another QB. He just looked like last year Petras. I think he had a 53% completion rate. But hey, they let him throw some jump balls deep and our receivers caught or prevented ints with them. So maybe we can move the ball for more than 3 plays at a time.
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    Leistikow confirms Petras will start...

    Nonsense. You're only saying that because no one ever has.
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    Scuttle: Changes are coming

    Reading the 2 deeps:
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    Looks like maybe rain on Saturday

    Thanks, Brian...
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    Barry Alvarez Would Never Have Let His HC Keep Brian Ferentz On Staff

    Barry would just fire the head coach. As a living legend, he'd get a pass for doing that. And Wisconsin would be successful again, because they have a winning culture (at basketball and football).
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    This is what I want to know.

    Tua's brother is good. His team is terrible, especially the defense.
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    This is what I want to know.

    If you look at the highlights, he literally looks like a Senior in high school playing a bunch of 8th grade boys. He towers over everyone on his team and the other team. Just a man among boys.
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    Just watched a replay of 2018 Iowa Iowa State

    Go back and watch the Maryland, ISU, and Penn State games from last year. Yeah, the offense was bad, but the defense really makes up for it. Whatever you do, don't watch the Colorado State game though.
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    Dabo Just Signed For 10 YR/$115M

    That's a lot of money for a coach, at a school where they could probably get a decent replacement for less, in a conference that is hog-tied for revenue for a long time. Clemson has to be thinking that they're going to the SEC with this contract.
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    Keegan Johnson status

    Absolutely, and moreover, if he has to take a year to get medical stuff resolved, he should. He's no less of a fine young man or a Hawk or a teammate for dealing with issues that are completely out of his control. There are more important things in life than football.
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    Keegan Johnson status

    This is twitter knowledge; other reports are that appendix removal damaged his abdominal muscles and they've been slow to heal, but said July interview happened well post surgery and he said he's finally feeling healthy, so who knows?
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    Keegan Johnson status

    I heard lingering covid issues - and he gave an interview in July that was very upbeat. What did you hear?
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    Scuttle: Changes are coming

    2 opportunities to get a better qb in off-season: 1. Recruiting 2. Portal. Even IF you wanted to go with Petras, you need a capable backup. Which we apparently do not have. That alone is damning. We need another center and a guard too - but apparently those are not things we recruited in or...
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    Ncaa offensive rank week1

    I can't believe there was anyone worse than a 1 1 QBR...
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    Iowa opens as 3.5 favorite

    That would be amazing, but I don't think we have the kick return game for that. Maybe we could get to 6 wins without aTD, and that would also be an accomplishment. Has any bowl team ever made a bowl game with 0 offensive TDs?