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    Take care of your health.

    My wife found out she has three tumors one in the brain chest and lungs
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    KM gets the fourth pick

    Congrats Keegan we in hawkeye are proud of you
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    Cooper Koch committed to the hawks!

    Welcome cooper
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    Josh Ogundele in the transfer portal

    Good luck man
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    Iowa Picks Up Grad Transfer TE

    Nice pick up go Hawkeyes
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    Merry christmas

    I want to wish everyone a marry Christmas. God Bless you all and the hawkeyes
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    Site Issues, Email List

    Thank you very much
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    Nwankpa Picked The Hawks

    Congrats young man
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    Xavier Nwankpa Has Hawkyes in Top 3

    We need good news it has been rough week
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    Screw it - just beat their asses!

    That's what we talking about lets go Hawkeyes
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    Can we hang with michigan???

    Yes we can win play lights out on Defense and no mistakes.
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    Iowa #12 in Coaches Poll

    Great news now it is time iowa gets respect and it up to iowa to kick some butt.
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    Remember guys no clapping tomorrow

    Scott Frost has the clap
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    How do you feel about Nebraska?

    If you live in western iowa you know how important this game is.
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    Fat Bert and the Boys vs Iowa: The Game Thread

    20 16 too close
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    Fat Bert and the Boys vs Iowa: The Game Thread

    Hate brown get hurt
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    Fat Bert and the Boys vs Iowa: The Game Thread

    Come on defense
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    Jordan Bohannon Sets Record in Iowa Win

    Congrats Jordan
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    Observations: Hawkeyes Blow Out Longwood

    It is going to be fun this year. The young players will only get better. I see over all us 16 to 18 games on the win side and nit tournament team.