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    The core issue

    Yes we all can agree on two things: The o-line is horrid and the oc can kick rocks. But would we be better in the o-line if we didn’t have upperclassman transfer out or had left due to health reasons?? Just curious
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    Five Star Forward Jeremiah Robinson visits Iowa

    I think that IndianaHawk meant this...
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    Shall we rant or shall we cheer ? (ISU)

    Given that Stanley over threw the receivers just means that the receivers need to get a tad bit I kid. But seriously... o line gave him enough time to get the ball down field and yes there was finally separation. Had this kid gotten a few more reps last year...those over thrown...
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    C.J. Beathard gets...

    Meanwhile....Cj does this....
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    Why are we taking grad transfers all of a sudden?

    At this point if it will bring some speed to the team for one year and possibly help with recruiting the next cycle...I am all for getting these players. We needed speed on the outside, we got one. We needed a guy who can play in the slot. we got one and can block as well. Hopefully these...
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    1st play from scrimmage: CALL IT!!!!!!!!!!

    I wouldn't mind seeing some of these plays on first down either
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    1st play from scrimmage: CALL IT!!!!!!!!!!

    I think that it would be a great weapon to have every game. If Hayden was able to still call plays, that would be one of many trick plays he would want in the offense. I miss those kind of plays along with the TE standing up.
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    Peter Jok vs Denver Nuggets

    Still looks lost on defense at times, but when you are not given a chance to play that happens. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy what I have found ...enjoy!!
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    1st play from scrimmage: CALL IT!!!!!!!!!!

    I see I wasnt the only one thinking flea flicker...
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    1st play from scrimmage: CALL IT!!!!!!!!!!

    Flea flicker to a wide open receiver because the defense is thinking run since that is how we open every game.
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    Peter Jok Not Drafted

    Not surprised...however I do hope that he gets a chance. His poor showing at the combine really hurt my opinion. Best of luck to him whether it be over seas or the G-league.
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    Jerminic Smith Leaving Team

    Meanwhile...Derrick Mitchell has decided to transfer to Texas Tech.
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    Jerminic Smith Leaving Team

    I guess Advanced Basket Weaving wasn't an acceptable course...just kidding guys. I hope that it works out for him elsewhere.
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    Tyler Smith, Tucker, Sommerville, Thompson...

    Back in the Harrison Barnes days, I don't remember if he even had us on the radar. We were terrible at that time. Iowa State had more of a chance at him then we did. IF he had came to Iowa, he would have probably transferred by the time his first year was over with. Jake Kelly was a guy that...
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    Tyrone Tracy Commit Video

    I just thought that it was nice to see a young guy make a video that shows us as his team. The hat gimmick is old and often times we are never apart of it. So this was a pleasant change for once.
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    PTL Storylines

    I would like to see some attention to free throws over the summer. We missed quite a few that would have increased a lead or put us ahead in some games. And better attention to perimeter defense. We gave up too many threes last year.
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    Tyrone Tracy Commit Video

    I don't think that they would have went thru all the trouble to make a video just to have him flip later on. In fact, I find it a bit refreshing to see the effort. I give the kid and his family style points. Be encouraged that they did something different other then the hat flip at some event.
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    Tyrone Tracy Commit Video

    Good stuff!!
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    Iowa in Early with Talented '20 Two-Sport Athlete Jalen Suggs

    I like his swag. He reminds me of Jarrod Uthoff