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    Xavier Foster Announcement

    TWO enter the transfer protal before the season even starts!? That is MSU bad. It definitely does not look good for any program.
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    Super secret - free link to tonight's game?

    It is up to $15+ tax now....
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    Apparently I need my reading glasses... Missed the other thread.
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    Xavier Foster

    Got to agree with you here. Iowa hasn't had anyone who has had the talent and skill sets for the NBA... Marble did not, but he did manage to play some. A bunch of others have made money professionally. But Fran hadn't been able to reel in the type of player that the NBA wants now.
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    Story: Bakari Evelyn Not Concerned w/ Competing Against Connor McCaffery

    I am fine with running 4 guard sets, plus Nunge. And doing it frequently..... Well, 3 guard sets. Plus Nunge & Joe W.
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    Hawkeye Fan, Radio host Wolfgang Tragically Killed

    That is the way he was EVERY DAY. That is why I enjoyed him so much. You knew the guy had heart. He lived to talk the Hawks. He was sincere about what matter to him. He liked Fran for who he is & Loved the Hawks, and he let you know it. It was a shock to tune into his show today. Sucks. Rest...
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    Devyn Marble

    It is called Rhetoric. But yeah, whatever oh great wise one...
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    Kriener's Flop

    Something needs to be done. If the refs see the flop, then call the technical after an official review. If it is missed, and later reviewed by the B1G, like in the NBA, then have some type of penalty the next game. Can't exactly take fine them by taking away some of their scholarship money...
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    Home opener: UMKC @ a glance

    Too bad we won't have any semi-serious competition before we play in this tournament... The experience would have been quite beneficial!
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    Some basketball talk?

    Something like that... If you take a pic of me after playing ball, then one after working out. And it is night and day. The chics would definitely take the latter!
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    2019 Recruits

    That was a good article. Thanks for writing. I would be up for either of these fellas. They both seem to have potential... Any others you hearing of lately Rob?
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    2019 Recruits

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    2019 Recruits

    Fernandes looks to have good handles and great range. Would like to see some. Stats on him. Especially if he can play defense! Same with Mika. I think we need to take someone this year with quickness and the potential for good D. If the right talent it there, let's get them ... Grad transfer...
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    2019 Recruits

    I have heard & read that we are looking at a few guards for next year's class. But I have not heard any names. Other than Noah Hutchins and Andre Gordon. Are these two interested or talking to Iowa? Are there any others who are interested in Iowa, or vice versa??? Any info would be much...
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    Iowa Eyeing '19 Point Guards Andre Gordon, Noah Hutchins

    Take them both! If they are good, they will play. Fran overstocked on bigs, we are in short supply of guards. Plus it is a guards game. If we want to win, we need more guards. Period. Fran messed up the roster balance big-time. We are two years out for correcting the balance. Could the current...
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    Jarrod Uthoff NBA Summer league

    I miss PTL!!!
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    Preview, Prediction: Iowa Returns to B1G Play Against Michigan

    These next two B1G games are huge. They would put us back to even in the league. And be a big jump in confidence.... The Hawkeyes look like a much better team the last month. But they have a lot of room to really improve as well... A couple of wins against some decent teams would go a long way...