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    Wake up, little Carver, wake up, it is the official Indiana vs Iowa game thread

    Big time win, they have been difficult for us last couple of years. Gritty 2nd half effort. if we can get 40 out of the Murrays every night we are gonna be tough to beat. Glad we are playing Kris more.
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    Iowa vrs Maryland

    Thanks, that actually works better, i have to work Friday night shift. Works well for me
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    Iowa vrs Maryland

    Not sure who said it but this is one of the more athletic teams i can remember. I get excited with the "underdog have to scrap for a NCAA berth" mentality. This team has the potential to play defense, I will enjoy watching that too, i always feel like when we need the big stop the teams in the...
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    Recruiting struggles continue

    I think we have really good young Qbs that just are not ready. The Pro style system Iowa runs is harder to come in and learn like the RPO and air raid offenses. I dont see the point of discussing QB transfers at this point. This year we will go as far as Petras takes us. Next year can go two...
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    Recruiting struggles continue

    I love that i can hear the anger in the words Fryowa types
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    Colorado State Game Is 2:30 CT

    Eh, obviously more fun for most, we do tailgating in my yard and the 2:30 games get old and long fast. I like 11am games to have my evening with the family. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, i love that we have Tailgating, but people suck sometimes. as a fan, 2:30 games are better than...
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    Iowa +3.5 Who ya got?

    ISU has seniority and the urgency to win, if this is the best team in ISU history they cant have their seniors go 0-4 vs Iowa. Iowa has the momentum, just play within the game plan and i don't think ISU break the record of 22 some games without giving up 24+ points. here is my deciding...
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    Who else isn't sold on Petras still?

    Petras wasnt great and will have to get better if we want big things, if he plays like that every game i think we are looking at 7 or 8 wins with our defense and punter. Petras just has to be Trent Dilfer. There will be times that he needs to make a play, hopefully he can in those times...
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    Iowa @ Northwestern Series Thread

    Are we out with that series loss to NW...the bottom dweller in Big 10
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    How are we doing, chance at Postseason?

    I admit I am not always on top of this but the last couple of years i have been watching the hawks more. I see we have been winning most series (except Indiana I think). How are we doing in the BigTen, any chance at at large or do we need to win BigTen Tourney? I usual go to one game a year...
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    Is this our year to win the West?

    I think this is a year with home vs Indiana, and then at Iowa State we have a decent chance of starting 0-2. We dont have a warm up game vs midmajor this year. I feel like we need that warm up game more than most. Who knows but maybe 0-2 will prompt a change at QB. Im more excited about Duce...
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    Iowa Extends Contract of Fran McCaffery

    This is where Fran started...I had season tickets as a student but could almost sit courtside. I watched Evan turner laugh as he was being maned up with Little Lick. This clip was of the game at OSU but it does the job. Give the man his $$
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    Conspiracy Theorists...

    I think we roll GCU unless we get in our own heads. We are the better team by far, no argument there, but i feel these are the games other teams win running away but for some reason the Hawkeyes are not clutch...I don't want to be eating a heartbreak sandwich and resent the rest of the...
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    Even without Wheezy i think we beat Wisky/Penn St. BT tourney will be called a lot closer than that Rugby match we saw on Sunday. Also Davidson is a dirty player. Hook and hold it was no matter how much Gard complains!
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    The D

    My worry is a Northwestern state repeat...and that goes with our defense. If we let a bad team hang around they might hit a late 3 to beat us, and its heartbreak sandwiches for the month of March. I was texting my basketball friends tonight during the game, i feel like a 12 point lead can...
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    Thanks for everything JBO but....

    Jbo can still hit it in the clutch, remember game tying 3 at Indiana...hard to get more clutch than that. End of the game I trust Fredrick, JBo, Wheezy and even Garza to hit a 3. JBos defensive struggles are well documented but the threat of his 3 point shot I think opens things up for...
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    Whats the path we take to

    Win out and I think we can secure the 4 seed by 2 games (not likely but also not impossible) If we split with Wisky, and lose both OSU and MICH i think we may be looking losing the 4th seed to either Purdue or Wisky. 2 losses to Indiana and a loss to Minnesota are helping at this time. I am...
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    The D

    I agree with Windsor, win only one of those games will be a disappointment. We can play with @ Mich and @ OSU, should win home games vs Wisky, @ wisky, Penn St. If i were to bet on it, i say we split MIch/OSU, Split with Wisky, and beat Penn St and Neb if we make that game up. Finish 13-7...
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    State of Michigan State Basketball

    Izzo on the ropes. Enjoy the NIT buddy