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  1. rschneider

    STORY: Iowa Football Banking on Offensive Improvement

    Reads better as "Barta putting his job on the line, banking on Brian Ferentz, a former college lineman with no coordinator experience."
  2. rschneider

    Brian isn't going anywhere

    Good thing their coach was an offensive lineman...
  3. rschneider

    Brian isn't going anywhere

    Got some good transfers plugging some holes, have some quality guys coming back. Would not be possible to rank this low again next year, right?
  4. rschneider

    Kirk and Woody

    Phil could get a DC job at any blue blood in the country. Norm probably could of as well at some point. Not so much for the rest of the staff.
  5. rschneider

    Kirk and Woody

    Thank god for two of the best D coordinators with no aspirations of moving on.
  6. rschneider

    Mike Brey looking to step down at the end of the season at ND

    That is also my worry. Good time to bolt. Then again most of us didn't see Garza or the Murray twins coming. Uthoff transferring in helped. I guess you just never know.
  7. rschneider

    Future of non-playoff bowls

    I think they should do neutral site games within driving distance of both opponents. OR regional "events", multiple games in one city. For example, St Louis or Indianapolis could have multiple games out of local bowl eligible teams. Iowa vs Kentucky and Kansas vs Arkansas, add in a Toledo and...
  8. rschneider

    Harbaugh - Well This Might Change Things

    No one cares. Win.
  9. rschneider

    Will BF Be OC Next Spring?

    Lif succkd
  10. rschneider

    Will BF Be OC Next Spring?

    They scored 7 points. Of course he will.
  11. rschneider

    NCHawker wants to see Kasper to the portal

    I wish they would reply like that. I'm guessing no one responds.
  12. rschneider

    One of several things I would hope for next year (2023)

    It is frustrating that Iowa can't get better recruits consistently. We all know by now that Fran would have a very competitive team with a highly rated roster.
  13. rschneider

    One of several things I would hope for next year (2023)

    The season is not over, although I am really unimpressed with the team so far this year. Seems like this team will need to make threes to win games. So far there is no evidence that this team can rely on the three point shot. I can live with Rebracca and Murray, but the rest are pretty...
  14. rschneider

    Howe: Wishing Kadyn Proctor Well

    I'm not sure why Kirk goes after 5* kids when Kirk runs a 3* program. You don't get to fail on offense for half of your career and expect to recruit the same kids Bama, OSU, Georgia recruit. Now imagine instead of Kirk hiring Brian Ferentz, he got some offensive guru and paid big bucks for...
  15. rschneider

    Eastern Illinois game

    This game will certainly help with attendance issues.
  16. rschneider

    Eastern Illinois game

    We looked like a high school team compared to TCU, that was eye opening. This just wow. I know Fran has lost to UNO before, but that year we lost to Virginia, Memphis and Notre Dame consecutively before losing to Omaha... That team had Bohannon, Jok, Wagner, Pemsl, Uhl, Baer, Kreiner. Not world...
  17. rschneider


    I feel like a team of semi-pro players playing that style may be fun. Like the Savannah Bananas.
  18. rschneider

    Mens Basketball

    We need an alpha. Kris may get there, but either the team didn’t look for him or he disappeared the first half. Second half I finally saw Kris being aggressive and asking for the ball.
  19. rschneider

    Iowa Basketball stuck in Meh

    Seems like a lot of Iowa fans move away from Iowa. You are also correct that Iowa City is a small town and can't expect to fill a 15,000 seat arena nightly. Bloomington is the closest thing to Iowa City in the Big10 and they have history to ride on.
  20. rschneider

    McNamara Is Gonna Be A Hawk

    What a rollercoaster ride. The end of Kirks tenure is wild.