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    Did Jok complicate things?

    I think that's the point though, you do always want more scorers, but Iowa hadn't been planning on having two that good that needed that many shots. Duke and Kentucky counts on that every year, and Coach K and Calipari know how to use it. Jok is not being made out to be a fall guy. Nobody has...
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    Did Jok complicate things?

    It's not so much that having too many good scorers was a bad thing. That would be preposterous. They both were the only guys to carry us at times. But the idea that midway through the year they found themselves juggling the dynamic to a degree they weren't necessarily expecting, it might explain...
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    Did Jok complicate things? Interesting theory...curious do you guys give this any validity? Jok was supposed to be a Robin, but played himself into a co-Batman. As they say, if you have two Batman's you don't have one.
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    Pump the Brakes Iowa came away today with a win, and an exciting one at that. But isn't there a little bit of concern about the fact that...they won despite struggling just as bad as they have for the last month and a half? Not to be a Debbie...
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    Who who, who who, who we gonna play........
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    Oglesby: Public Intox

    Just what we needed..especially at shooting guard.
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    Basabe trying to go Euro[/URL]
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    Olaseni vs. Woodbury in PTL last Thursday
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    Flexibility Marble's Forte

    Think he's got a pretty good shot at sticking with someone.
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    Connor McCaffery turning heads

    Connor's gonna be a player. If he's as heady and smart as it sounds, he's an improving shooter and at 6'5" could be a really great point guard come college time. He'll have a great career at West as well and he's only going to get better.
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    Prime Time League Rosters

    Ahren's squad is going to be tough to beat. It sounded like we're gonna see Ajay Lawton, starting PG from Kirkwood, start with Uthoff, Morgan, Alexander, and you're right; Malcolm Moore. Jerel Moore coming off the bench should be sort of exciting, and some of the coaches thought that him...
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    Prime Time League Rosters

    Hawkeyes get ready to play together in Prime Time:
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    Candidates To Replace Kirk

    John Clayton reported on ESPN that he's hearing that Brian Kelly "would listen" to NFL teams. He runs an interesting sort of pro-style offense, so it seems realistic. Should that happen, Bobby Diaco could be more enticed to leave, and come be the head coach at Iowa. However, he also could just...
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    Chiefs interested in Ferentz??

    I love Notre Dame. I regard, and have since they beat Stanford, them as the best team in country. I love who they are as a team and what they do, both offensively and defensively. I also love that Pat Fitzgerald is being used as the example for what we (would) want as a replacement. Tell me...
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    Chiefs interested in Ferentz??

    Hey. I want him gone. I said that from the beginning. I'm just saying we haven't heard Iowa connected to anybody who I was excited about. And to answer your question, yes, I am a little bit concerned that the Iowa job, in Iowa City in the state of Iowa full of Iowan high school prospects in the...
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    QB battle

    I don't understand why people think it's between Sokol and Beathard. I must have missed when Rudock did anything to take his name out of the race. I'm still in the camp that Rudy will be a good one.
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    Chiefs interested in Ferentz??

    They are, though. This tweet came on the heels of reports that KC is keeping Pioli, and giving him a new coach and QB. Ferentz is Pioli's 1st choice. I honestly hope he goes, except I have no idea who we'd hire to replace him. Haven't heard anybody ever even speculate on somebody I'd like...
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    More Smoke Regarding North Carolina and Georgia Tech

    Has anybody thought of the possibility of Kansas and UNC? I've heard, obviously, lots of smoke about UNC, but only tiny grumblings about Kansas. It takes us a little bit south, as well as further out west. The thought of UNC and Kansas joining us in basketball is really cool, if you ask me.
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    since it seems star do matter

    He says unto his constituents. Herby is ridding himself of the incompetent fools around here who just don't get it. "This is our roster!" he cries, "Don't you get it!?"
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    Hawkeye Nation Heisman Trophy

    I know, right? Before this season started, given all the hype around Manziel and whatnot, you basically knew from the get-go it was his to lose, right? If there was ever a year to ***** about pre-determinism in the Heisman voting, it's not the year that the unknown redshirt freshman on a team...