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    Riley Mulvey Reclassifies to ‘21

    Between 230 and 240 lbs now and still young. Not skinny
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    Brown: Jack Nunge's Exit from Iowa Sad But Understandable

    We are losing a real good player. So much for the center position. Other centers in the BIG will be able to back bump us all the way to the rim like pushing a baby carriage.
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    The official night before the game, play your bench, guard the 3 point line, make your free-throws, Hoosier Daddy game thread

    How can we be one of the highest scoring teams in the country. We're getting hammered by the Hoosiers and called for ticky tac fouls on our end. We had two periods where we didn't score for several minutes. Sheesh!
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    The official night before the game, play your bench, guard the 3 point line, make your free-throws, Hoosier Daddy game thread

    where have we seen this before. Oh yeah, in most of our games. Our inability to score amazes me. Luka getting mugged and it is always his fault.
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    Iowa Classics on Big TV

    Horton was a stud. Imagine he and Reggie Evan's on the floor together.
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    Ohio St beat Ill.

    Too much Cock Burn. They can't run the floor as well as they used to because of chafing.
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    Is Covid going to end the season again

    I would say a team should not be able to cancel a game because a couple of stars have covid. If you can field a team, play the game.
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    Odd stat from Maryland game

    Maryland tried driving to the basket, but we were much better and quicker in stepping in to help the primary defender. Much improved on what I had considered our worst defensive shortcoming.
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    ***Official Hawks Flip The Fighting Turtles On Their Backs Game Thread***

    According to their dad, Kris is pretty close to his brother except shoots with the other hand.
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    Michigan Basketball

    Hunter Dickinson is 7'2" and 260 lbs. Everybody is signing huge centers right now..
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    Inability to defend the three

    One dude shoots 9/10 from 3, you're in real trouble.
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    We are who we thought we are.

    Isn't Suggs a freshman too? He seemed pretty settled in.
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    Why the Michigan game is important

    I am another who thinks Jimmy H covids this game to prevent a beatdown on national tv.
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    Disturbing stat from NIU game

    Most of Iowa's team is already sprinting down the court towards our basket. Very seldom do we have more than 1 or 2 rebounder working to prevent offensive rebounds. That is coached I believe.
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    Am I seeing things, or did Ogundele

    It sounds like Frank Garza might already be spending some time with him.
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    Iowa State

    I think Jack comes alive in this game and along with Garza, and Keegan, we own the lane.
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    JBo shooting %

    I hope he turns up the heat as there is like 6 or 7 guys shooting the 3 better than JBo
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    From the other board (Minny season is over).

    Other teams do exactly that. They aren't afraid to try another guy to see if he's a gamer and put the starter back in if it doesn't work out. You can't tell how a player will do in a game situation till you try him.
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    JBo shooting %

    Right now, Keegan Murray is outshooting JBo.
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    From the other board (Minny season is over).

    Tom Brady wouldn't displace Petras cause he looks super duper in practice without all the pressure on him. Yeah there's sarcasm in that statement, but it's the Iowa way. Other teams may try 3 qb's in one game to see who rises to the challenge, it takes an injury at Iowa to see the next guys up.