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    Iowa Middle School State Champs vs. Nebraska Middle School State Champs

    Teams were selected by the placement at the Iowa Youth Wrestling Super State Championships, all 18 Iowa representatives were State Champions. Most of these young wrestlers will also compete and represent Iowa at the toughest Middle School dual tournament in the country, USA MIddle School...
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    Iowa Middle School State Champs vs. Nebraska Middle School State Champs

    Just wanted to give a heads up on a very exciting event coming up on Sunday, February 10th, 2013 prior to the Iowa/Nebraska dual at Carver. The Iowa Middle School State Champions will be wrestling against their peers from Nebraska in what is being called the Combine Clash. The dual will take...
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    Montell Marion

    Marion was, is and will always be a punk! He never changed and he has been allowed to continue his antics. He should have been kicked off the team after his last episode, but again was spared an opportunity to learn a lesson. The sooner they get him away from Iowa City the better.
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    HWC Challenge Nov 2nd-3rd

    We are hoping that this becomes the Super 32 of the midwest. We are capturing the best Iowa kids still looking to get the out of staters registered. Please spread the word!
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    News from TOS...

    will be getting a nice upper weight addition to the HWC too...can't give out the name yet will soon.
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    iowa vs psu next year

    I hear ya thom, it is crazy! I think Iowa fans are having a tough time wrapping their heads around the fact that PSU is going to be very good for a long time. Mega is going to have to become more offensive in college to win the whole thing, but there is no reason to think he can't because he...
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    Trivia question for y'all

    We have a couple of guys in the upcoming recruiting class that are college ready, but Skon is not one of them and none of them are going to contend for titles next year. Skon wrestles flat footed and is a waist bender, he is going to really have work on creating angles at the next level. I...
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    iowa vs psu next year

    You would lose.
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    For the first time since Brand's came---

    The fact that Iowa has been very poor lately at pumping out successful college wrestlers makes it tough too, Cael can build a championship team just recruiting a 90 mile radius from his front step. Since 2002 only 4 native Iowans have won NCAA D1 Championships (Mcd, Borschel, Paulson and...
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    For the first time since Brand's came---

    PSU is here to stay as much as Iowa fans don't want to hear that, it is true. Brands won't admit that parity is alive in wrestling, but it is and it is good for the sport. Sure Brands is a big name in wrestling, but nationally Cael's name carries more recognition especially with the nations...
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    2013 QB Recruit Trent Hosick Wrestling Video

    Here is a video from this past season of 2013 QB recruit Trent Hosick wrestling against 2012 4* OL Evan Boehm who I believe went is going to Missouri. Boehm probably outweighed Trent by 60 lbs. Trent Hosick vs. Evan Boehm Heavyweight match - YouTube
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    Thomas Gilman

    Thomas spent a couple of weeks over in Germany, learning and training over there. Had a great time and really took a lot from his experience over there. He can't wait to get to Iowa City......
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    Tom Brands Post Illinois Presser

    They have trained through the Iowa State week since Brands has been here, this week was probably the toughest of the year.
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    Tom Brands Post Illinois Presser

    Tom Brands Post Illinois Presser 12-2-11 - YouTube
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    Brands wasn't happy about Grant's and DSJ's either last year. Brands and Carew don't always see eye to eye...
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    Not sure, Brands is the only one that can answer that question.
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    Tom Brands post Iowa City Duals

    Grant will be at 184, he got a little heavy because he was not able to work out at all while he was out.
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    Carew is the best 149 in the room, it is not close.
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    First off Minny is absolutely a title contender. Like Dominate said they have 8 really strong guys, and while a couple are newcomers they have a ton of talent. Dylan barring another injury is the 149 for Iowa, he has been very impressive since he has returned fully healthy. Kelly has had a...
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    Come on fellas we need some updates!

    Until Evans develops his offense from his feet he is going to struggle to beat the top guys in college. I don't care how mean he is from the top, which has been somewhat exaggerated, he has to be able to take down the best. A lot of people have put him in the Mark Perry category as far as...