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    Iowa lost to a then 1-9 Minnesota team in 1991

    I'm sick to my stomach. Unbelievable.
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    Mike Gundy sued

    Got to be more than just the shirt...
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    Sign Here: Get Well Card for Dolph

    Ditto all the above remarks! Thoughts and prayers for your speedy recovery!
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    Bob Stoops dons his Hawkeye Gear

    very nice story. someone needs to send him a hawk visor.
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    Not sure where to put this.. but a convo I had.

    But what 16 or 17 is actually thinking of their future? Maybe the ones with potential NFL hopes.
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    Shhhh... Don't ruin it for the rest of us........
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    What makes Iowa football so special?

    I thought the read was great and agreed with most of the replies. If you do expand it at a later time, maybe you could also talk about post-game. For example,the car ride home after a win/loss.
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    Clones and Huskers tied in 4th

    Me either Love the call, hats off to ISU.
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    Luckeyes--We're Back!!

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    Anyone seriously concerned for their heart?

    ulcers and blood pressure - and maybe language in front of the kids. but heart, not yet.
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    mediacom out as well
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    Congrats to UNI!!!

    very nice win. great game to watch, especially at the end.
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    Texas, the Big Ten, and the future

    sorry, dumb question alert... so it is safe to assume the b10 gets one or more schools added to the conference in the near future. does the b10 change it's name or just put the number of schools in the logo again?
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    Orange Bowl Bits & Pieces

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    Proud to be a Hawkeye.

    What do mean? I always use information from the web as 100% correct.
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    Big Unit Retires

    I'd say AZ because of the ring.
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    Let's hear it for Trey (Terry) Stross!

    yep, yep and yep! Go HAWKS!
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    Sweet Gloves that the Hawks are wearing

    wouldnt they make more money releasing them for sale?
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    A-Rob Out - Shoulder Injury

    come on hawks!!!