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  1. SmokeTownHawk

    Alternate unis for Indy?

    Has there been any talk about Iowa's choice of uniform for the championship? Are they sticking with the traditional look or the charcoal black, circa tO$U 2017, or something completely different?
  2. SmokeTownHawk

    Reports of tOSU players with Covid-19

    According to a thread on reddit there's "At least one prominent starter on offense and several others have tested positive and will miss Saturday’s Big Ten title game against Northwestern. " As of now the game is still on.
  3. SmokeTownHawk

    Happy birthday to Dr. Tom Davis!

    He turns 82 today. Happy birthday coach!
  4. SmokeTownHawk

    Way to go Stanley! Skol!

    Headed to the Vikings!
  5. SmokeTownHawk

    Penn State going down!

    Shaping up to be an upset Saturday. Love seeing the smirk taken off Franklin's face.
  6. SmokeTownHawk

    Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down & Skins

    I'm using Firefox but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to rate individual posts with this thumbs up and down, nor can I find any explanation about it in the FAQs. How do you use this feature? Also how do you get different skins for the site? I've gone into Settings but do not see any...
  7. SmokeTownHawk

    Stay classy tO$U
  8. SmokeTownHawk

    Way to go Marshal!

    Just a little something to show any undecided lineman recruits: