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  1. NEIChawk

    Happy New Year Hawk Fans

    Here's to a good start to 2019. May you all be healthy, prosperous and with good fortune. Love your kids, your spouse and hug your pillows every Iowa game.
  2. NEIChawk

    Offense vs Defense

    Which Hawkeye do you see making more of an impact the 2nd half of the season on the offense and on the defense?
  3. NEIChawk

    Oh that 'Bama
  4. NEIChawk

    BTT. Who you want? Nebraska? Or Indiana?

    Or, does it matter the way the kids are playing?
  5. NEIChawk

    Why is it I hate Nebraska so much

    JHC Indiana, let's go...
  6. NEIChawk

    Arnold Palmer

    One of the greatest sports competitors has died at 87......RIP Arnie
  7. NEIChawk

    Augusta National

    My fellow HN'ers. I am embarking on a great adventure w/some great friends down to the Masters. My friend got some practice rounds tix for Tuesday. I am pumped beyond anything. I will tell you all about it when I return. ..
  8. NEIChawk

    Regardless of rank, are we going into a place that we shouldn't be this year?

    If you think about it, some of us and the rest of the free world thought that the Hawkeyes would finish middle of the pack. Poor scheduling, Easy competition, etc...Thoughts?
  9. NEIChawk

    RIP Yogi....
  10. NEIChawk

    The Iowa Nice Guy offers his take on Fred Hoiberg Sorry HawkIstate, I promise no more thread about anything to do w/L'ames
  11. NEIChawk

    Game Day folks

    Well, all I can say is from yesterdays games, that, anything can happen.....for ISU, the sun did come up this, here we are, game time later on today (which is driving me crazy), who will have a great game today? New opponent, neutral court, will Iowa turn this tournament into a...
  12. NEIChawk

    Who remembers this incident 30 years ago? The official was from my hometown and I played ball with his son in high school. Fitting since we have Indiana up pretty soon. Probably won't see this ever again
  13. NEIChawk

    Bracketology Might as well keep the heat going regarding our beloved Hawks....
  14. NEIChawk

    Ode to JO

    Hail thee young dribbler and shooter of ball who dons the black and gold Your act is wearing tiresome, your play is not so bold A top 125 could not have been much bigger For you to play on the court but unable to pull the trigger We, as fans, are angered and a few have started to spout This is...
  15. NEIChawk

    Hey, we have a game tonight

    Will Iowa go for loss #4 or do we get off the schneid and take one from Michigan?
  16. NEIChawk

    Which Iowa team shows up tonight @ Williams Arena?

    Is it the team that beat OSU? Or is it the team we witnessed against MSU? Williams Arena is not a friendly place for Iowa, 3-1 in the league is where we need to be, and a win puts the Gophers at 0-5.....Big challenge for Iowa (as is every game on the road).... BTN 8:00 pm
  17. NEIChawk

    Come on Now......

    We have seen this over and over again.....Was I happy to see another collapse? No way, but when you're up by 11 at half, why put on the breaks and try and coast to the finish.....The thing that Iowa had no control of was the extremely hot shooting of Trice and Valentine...I'm not sure of the...
  18. NEIChawk

    Who the f*ck is our savior?

    What is the problem Fran w/playing guys that will do and can do what they need to do in order to win a game (especially ISU)
  19. NEIChawk

    Signature Win.....Boom

    Nice win Hawks....
  20. NEIChawk

    So, what's the biggest concern? Offense or Defense come Saturday?

    Does Iowa try and take away Gordon as much as possible, and try for Stave to beat us? Or does Iowa try and keep up with the amount of points that Wisconsin could score if Gordon runs crazy? What's the lesser of two evils? As fans, which side of the ball do we have more confidence in?