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  1. Drakebulldog93

    Hawk UFA signings

    Heflin to Green Bay Jackson to LA Rams Banwart to the Titans Beyer to Denver Smith to Dallas Am I missing anyone?
  2. Drakebulldog93

    Another mock draft

    Tristan goes number 7 to the Cardinals and AJ goes number 9 to the Jets. I still want to know why Tristan didn't play left tackle? Jackson could probably go in the second round. Third at the latest.
  3. Drakebulldog93

    Can we get some Joe Evans love?

    There was an article earlier this year about how tenacious he was. I think the kid has four sacks. What a motor this kid has. All I know about him is he came from Ames... and when we need a big play....boom number 13 is there.
  4. Drakebulldog93

    Pro football rumors is reporting...

    That Wirfs and Epenesa are both returning next year... never heard of the site before and I tried to link it but I couldn't. Have no idea how accurate or what their actual knowledge is. Just thought I'd throw it out there.
  5. Drakebulldog93

    What the hell happened to the offense?

    I know many of us Focus on the defensive deficiencies on this team but we can't score. I had to laugh today because listening to the radio today they were talking about the defense. We can't even score 30 points in a half. It seemed early in the year if a team Switched Off on defense we had the...
  6. Drakebulldog93

    Never have I seen anyone shoot like this.

    Bohannon is a total freak... I don't know what else to say
  7. Drakebulldog93

    Was at the Iowa City West- Muscatine game tonight

    West had a player in Wieskamp's jock all night long. He just couldn't get a shot off from the outside I think he missed his first three, and then he started taking it to the rim. This kid is impressive as hell so quick to the basket tons of moves. Patrick is a player you watch and think God is...
  8. Drakebulldog93

    Check out the MSU message boards

    They are criticizing everyone that has questions about the Spartans handling of the sexual abuse allegations and cases. Those people are absolutely tone-deaf. Reminds me of the PED state Fiasco. They're definitely circling the wagons. Anyone that heard Izzo talk about the situation today has to...
  9. Drakebulldog93

    PJ Fleck...Impressive Opening Week

    17-7 over Buffalo? Against the Bills...maybe? Think Brian is laughing?
  10. Drakebulldog93

    Roosevelt comes back to trip Valley.

    Riders trailed most of the game, came back in the last minute to win by two. Jok was pounded on all night. Hit some shots, was in foul trouble. He took the ball to the hoop several times, with great quickness and showed deceptive strength. (Something I have been looking for from him this...
  11. Drakebulldog93

    Hawk fanatics have seen this before...

    Viral Video of Insanely Talented Norwegian Kicker Has Caught the NFL’s Attention | Video | Whar is Jonny Mullings?
  12. Drakebulldog93

    Maybe Allen Iversen should talk to the Chinese...

    they seem eager to invest in train wrecks...
  13. Drakebulldog93

    Because of the weather and the futility of this years team

    I was totally impressed with the Iowa fans today. We didn't expect a win (though we 'hoped' for one) and the 'red crush' wasn't at all what I feared after reading the predictions from this board's experts. To those who sat through the conditions...what was your estimate of the number of...
  14. Drakebulldog93

    SIAP...but who is sitting in the student section on Friday?

    Students (maybe the foreign exchange kids will fill the void:rolleyes:) will be home for Thanksgiving. They don't have a reason to stick around for this game. (Thinking this game may not be a part of the student package...anyone know?) Who did the University sell those tix too? A three game...
  15. Drakebulldog93

    Central Michigan tix Sec 212 row 39 seats 1&2

    Southeast endzone, one row from the top. $60/both. Live in Des Moines. PM if interested.
  16. Drakebulldog93

    McGloin gets KO'ed by one of his WR's

    Matt McGloin KO’d by teammate following Penn State practice | CollegeFootballTalk Maybe he didn't pay his share of the cable bill?:rolleyes: On the bright side...this isn't the worst thing that has happened in that locker room.:eek:
  17. Drakebulldog93

    Norm's last hurrah?

    When we were paired against Mizzou last bowl season, many on here feared a beat included, as we were humbled against 'spread' offenses during the regular season. Norm found a way to win, even though it took a freak INT and return to win the game. What's your thoughts on what is...
  18. Drakebulldog93

    AP reporting JoePa to retire

    at the end of the season. Per Mike and Mike on ESPN
  19. Drakebulldog93

    Texas Tech leading Okie

    21-7 halfway thru the 2nd. Ouch.
  20. Drakebulldog93

    Need ONE for Indiana

    If anyone in the Des Moines area has a single for sale, please PM me. They will sit with me, so you won't be bothered.;)