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    Hawks enter the top 25

    I think 3-3 would be a huge disappointment. They'll be favored in 5 of them pretty heavily. I think 4-2 should be the bare minimum expectation.
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    Some actual real games starting tonight

    Something is up with TCU and I don't know what. They were down 20 points to Ark Pine Bluff and had to have a crazy comeback to win by 1 point. Now they lost to NW St. I thought they'd be pretty good this year, a very old team, etc. They aren't playing well that's for sure. Cal sucks. 0-3...
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    Is Charlie somewhat regretting his decision?

    I don't know if they are better but they are certainly bigger and faster.
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    Offense Now Ranked Below NMSU

    I've been kind of wondering about how much the defense has impacting the scoring offense so I looked it up quick. Here are the scoring drives by Iowa starting beyond the 50 yard line: Nevada: 10 play, 69 yard drive, FG 1 play, 55 yard run, TD Rutgers: 12 play, 87 yard drive, FG 9 play, 75 yard...
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    Selfish players on the Kings

    Followed the Kings fairly closely when Haliburton was there. The team, organization, etc. is just bad. The best thing for Keegan is to get traded in 2 years to a better team for more draft picks so the Kings can do all of this again.
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    Do Proctor and Nwankpa Stay?

    It's already starting to impact the team. Charlie Jones transferred to Purdue to get away from this and if we're being honest it was a great move. He has almost as many receiving yards this season as Iowa has total yards. I don't even want to call what Iowa will be facing on the recruiting...
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    Petras has thrown 8 interceptions and 1 TD now in last 7 games

    I agree with the rest of your post, but quite frankly this is exactly why they needed to get a transfer QB last year. I honestly just think it's unfair to the defense for them to have literally everything put on their plate in order to win. People were saying the defense outscored the offense...
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    Moving on to the Clowns, how concerned should we be?

    ISU's run game definitely wasn't what we've seen the last few years, nothing against those guys, Hall was very good. That said ISU really wasn't even trying to run the ball at least in the first half. In the 1st quarter they had 12 passes and 4 rushes. 2nd quarter they had 14 passes and 3 runs...
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    Next Nebraska Coach

    I will never say never on anything, but Campbell has had opportunities that he hasn't taken. The stuff he's passed on, like Tennessee, I think fit the profile of what Nebraska is. A fanbase that is out of touch with reality on what their expectations should actually be.
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    Pass % Completions

    Iowa was emphasizing passing last year? Iowa passed on 46% of their plays last year, good for 70th in the country. Only Rutgers, Nebraska, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota passed at a smalle perecentage in the Big 10.
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    4-Star JP Estrella High on Hawkeye Basketball

    I'm not like some Syrcuse fanboy and Boeheim is clearly on the tail end of his career, but they've been to two finals fours and an elite 8 since 2012. Even their fairly recent history is very good.
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    Northwest Triangle of Hate

    Small nitpick, I'm a millennial and I'm 40. The top end Millennials are old now. I was also at that Nebraska game in 2015 and I basically just remember freezing my ass off. My god it was cold.
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    4-Star JP Estrella High on Hawkeye Basketball

    Boeheim is at 998 wins. Honestly I could see him being done after this year when he gets to 1,000.
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    B1G going to talk revenue sharing with players?

    There are always a few each year that join something like the G-League Ignite, Lamelo Ball played in New Zealand, etc. It happens.
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    Are Developmental Programs A Thing Of The Past?

    IMO in football, no for most programs. Most programs can't pay the guys that might want to transfer. In basketball it's going to be a lot bigger issue.
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    USC/UCLA to the Big Ten?

    The Grand of Rights and the TV contract are two separate things.
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    USC/UCLA to the Big Ten?

    Why would ESPN do that? They have the ACC schools for much less than market value.
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    USC/UCLA to the Big Ten?

    Every team not in the Big 10 or SEC would vastly prefer to be in either of those two leagues.
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    USC/UCLA to the Big Ten?

    I'm getting a little nervous about the PAC 12 trying to make it work. Not best case scenario but I'd be perfectly happy if OR and Wash went to the Big 10 tomorrow. That would be the deathblow and then the Big 12 can get the 4 schools closest to us and call it good. That said, I don't think...
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    USC/UCLA to the Big Ten?

    They need to secure AZ school, Utah, and Colorado which would essentially leave the PAC with only 6 schools. At that point they wouldn't have much choice.