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  1. Caven

    Article from Ireland about Nebraska Someone isn’t happy about Nebraska coming to town.
  2. Caven

    Can we not learn???

    Another fake? Really?
  3. Caven

    Ticket Sales

    How are they going? Have we sold out our allotment yet?
  4. Caven

    Too bad this won't work at college level

    YouTube - Driscoll Middle School Trick Play
  5. Caven

    Forum Tools

    Anyone else have a problem with the forum tools dropdown only working about 10% of the time? I can almost never get the mark forum read to work.
  6. Caven

    4x4 divisions

    Just to clear up what seems to be confusion with the 4x4 divisional scenario and how it feeds into a championship game: Per NCAA rules in order to have a championship game in football you must have a minimum of 12 teams split into 2 divisions. Within each division all teams must play a round...
  7. Caven

    Osborne speaks about expansion

    Nebraska to Big Ten: Don't forget about us | I think that the Texas rumors have some Big 12 members spooked now. I would love for this to happen since it will mean we can finally get the BTN here in Lincoln.
  8. Caven

    SEC and field goals

    How many games is the SEC going to win because their opponents can't make field goals in the last few minutes of the game??? Seriously how hard is it to make a field goal when you get 3 chances.