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  1. Casey388

    Bout damn time, it's basketball season baby!

    I've been waiting 235 days and it's finally time for the Hawks to start playing ball again. Who's going to the game tonight? I sadly will be waiting it from home after I attend a JH girls basketball game.
  2. Casey388

    Streaming live tv

    So it’s that time of year again. Now that the boring summer is coming to an end we will restart our streaming service. I have been doing Hulu live tv for a few years now but since they keep raising their prices I am looking into other options. I am really tempted by FuboTV, but I’ve heard...
  3. Casey388

    Cooper Koch committed to the hawks!

    Just read on another website that Cooper Koch has committed. Huge get in 2024.
  4. Casey388

    Amarion Nimmers class of 22 guard commits

    Just saw on Facebook that a class of 22 guard from Rock Island committed to the Hawkeyes today. Amarion Nimmers. Will be looking for some highlights.
  5. Casey388

    Josh Ogundele in the transfer portal

    Just saw an article from another site, that Josh Ogundele is also in the transfer portal. Not surprising, but hopefully he can find a program he fits in.
  6. Casey388

    Who do you think leaves? (Transfer portal discussion)

    I know there have been a few posts of players in the transfer portal that Iowa reached out to. But what about the other way? Who could you see leaving? The only players I would think that might decide to leave is Ulis and Mulvey. Nothing that they said makes me think that. Just seeing how...
  7. Casey388

    Aidan Shaw re-opens his recruitment

    Saw someone post that there was rumors this would happen and sure enough it did. After Missouri fired Martin, Shaw decided to look elsewhere. Dave Matter on Twitter: "Four-Star signee Aiden Shaw has received his release from Missouri, and will reopen his recruitment." / Twitter
  8. Casey388

    Familiar face on the Richmond bench

    Going through the Richmond Spider's roster, I saw a familiar name. Appears that Darius Stokes is the video coordinator for Richmond. Good to see him keeping with basketball after college. Darius Stokes - Men's Basketball Coach - University of Richmond Athletics (
  9. Casey388

    Incredible Stat Line by PMac on 2-22-22

    Saw this on Reddit. PMac must of had this planned. Iowa Men’s Basketball on Twitter: "We're sure it was coincidence, but Patrick McCaffery (#22) played 22:22 last night on 2/22/22." / Twitter
  10. Casey388

    Chiefs cut Anthony Hitchens

    Just read this on ESPN. Makes sense for cap space, but sucks to see a former Hawkeye looking for work. Kansas City Chiefs release linebacker Anthony Hitchens (
  11. Casey388

    SSL Certificate Expired 12/20/21

    Was finally able to get connected in and noticed that the SSL cert for expired yesterday. Sure your team knows about it but wanted to bring it up. This is why I hate certs...
  12. Casey388

    Nebraska possible recruiting violations

    Just read on Reddit (not great credibility I know) that Nebraska could be getting hit with some serious recruiting violations. Some are wondering if anyone will get the axe.
  13. Casey388

    ? for Rob - What to look for on signing day

    @RobHowe any idea what we should be keeping an eye on with signing day looming? I saw we are expected to get TJ Hall out of California who has a pretty good offer list. I wasn't sure where we stood with Brian Allen or other recruits we have had our eyes on.
  14. Casey388

    Don’t slip on the rock (game thread)

    Even though it is an exhibition, figured it would be worth starting a game thread. That is if the stream ever starts up.
  15. Casey388

    Iowa picked up commitment from 2023 IL PF

    According to the DM Register, Fran got a commitment today from Owen Freeman a 6-10 PF from Illinois. Haven’t seen any highlights yet but looking at his offer sheet he must be a pretty good get. Beat out MSU, OSU and Wisky to name a few...
  16. Casey388

    ? for Rob - TJ Bollers

    Hey @RobHowe , there is a chance you have gone over this and I just missed it. But I was wondering, is Iowa out on TJ Bollers? According to 24-7 (which isn't 100% accurate) they have his final 5 as not including Iowa. Wasn't sure exactly what is going on there. Thanks in advance!
  17. Casey388

    Gabe Olaseni's brother signs with Utah football

    I came across a tweet from ESPN stating that Utah signed a tackle for football who was from London, UK. I did some digging and sure enough it is Gabe's younger brother. Pretty cool to see both brothers being able to play two separate sports which aren't popular in the country they grew up...
  18. Casey388

    SoundOFF - Nebraska Media Questioning Frost After Iowa Game

    I saw this on WHO. I think it depicts Nebraska Media perfectly.
  19. Casey388

    Maryland vs Texass

    Either Maryland is improved this year or Texas is terrible. Early in the second quarter and Maryland just went up 24 to 7. Had a 1 play drive thanks to a halfback pass for a td.
  20. Casey388

    Whoops, ISU again

    Soon they might have to let the cheerleaders play in Ames.