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  1. smhawk

    Give seniors another year

    Bare minimum they have to at least give seniors another chance to come back and play, if they choose to. Maybe it would make sense to give more tournament bids as well, temporarily expand next year's tournament. I wonder how depressing it would be if they did an honorary NCAA selection show...
  2. smhawk

    Jan 12th Rankings jumps to No. 2 in AP poll after road wins via @ESPN App Kind of silly how far bigten teams are dropping from losing to other good teams. Big ten might get in the most into NCAA this year but if these rankings are any...
  3. smhawk

    Injury Updates?

    Feel like information on this teams injuries has been hard to come by. Is Patrick expected to return to the lineup at any point? When will Pemsl and CJ be expected to return?
  4. smhawk

    Question on clock stopage

    So as they showed on the kick ball, the clock stops when the foul is acknowledged. But how come after a made shot, a time out stops the clock immediately after its thru the rim, even if the timeout is acknowledged clearly after. Does the clock only stop after a made shot under 1 minute or...
  5. smhawk

    Great Win, four more seals NCAA Bid

    With how this schedule plays out Iowa could get some momentum rolling. Out of nine games left they have four vs. Rutgers and Indiana. Just - Dominate the paint and play good defense. Stagger minutes between Garza and Cook. And they should be in fine shape. There may be plenty to complain...
  6. smhawk

    Six more wins to go!

    And the hawks are back dancing 6 wins out of the last 13 should do it. An additional win in conf tourny would seal that bid i think.
  7. smhawk

    Justin Fields

    Georgia QB looking to transfer - think iowa would talk to him? Red shirt stanelys senior year, probably beats out our next year number two...
  8. smhawk

    Wadley never got a second look?

    Pretty surprised about this considering how versatile he is. Supposedly five teams were interested in signing him before titans did.
  9. smhawk

    NBA 2K

    Anyone on here play much NBA 2k? Well I decided to start during their myteam mode on their and there is a create a uniform/team option once you get further into it. Basically a mode where you have a fantasy basketball roster. But found a guy who photo shopped iowa logos to fit the criteria of...
  10. smhawk

    Need 3 tickets for Purdue Jan. 24th Game

    Don't mind the prices of tickets on stubhub for em, but 15 the dollar processing fee is ridiculous
  11. smhawk

    Kirk's Legacy

    So hypothetical question. Say Hawks win the rose and average 8 wins over next four seasons. If Kirk retires at that point do you think the majority of the fan base will forgive and forget Kirk bad seasons, and regard his legacy as close behind that of Hayden Fry? Fry never did get a rose bowl...
  12. smhawk

    Wide receivers

    Really was happy to see Riley come up with that touchdown, was not expecting him to make that play. While some good effort, iowa is severely weak at wr position. It's frustrating we can get decent players at te, dbs, and rbs, but we seem to be behind many non power 5 teams in wr recruiting...
  13. smhawk

    Where was Trey Dickerson?

    Thought he would enter the game the four minute mark when i noticed he didnt appear on bench. Was he sick or anything?
  14. smhawk

    Adam Woodbury: Already having good season, great opportunity to night

    Really got to hand it to Adam, he's played some good basketball this season. His minutes are much higher this season (would like them to be higher) and yet his FG% has climbed to 60 average. And today he plays the prestigious team he turned down to stay in state, and play for the team he grew up...
  15. smhawk

    Looking for 2 tickets for Iowa vs. Wisconsin (Mens basketball)

    Trying to get tickets at least row 38 or lower, but not lower than 28, and On the same side NN but any section.
  16. smhawk

    Marble shines in first NBA exhibition
  17. smhawk

    Innovation for run game?

    Happy with win, coaches deserve skme props. But still feel like there much more they can do to improve running. Cant we mix in some full back runs and fake fb to hb pitch. Or pull the guard counter occasionally? Wiesman did great but i always wanted to see a work horse like him also lead the...
  18. smhawk

    Clayborn NFL career in jeopardy?

    Before the season bucs delcined team option on contract and he just suffered season ending bicep injury last week. Two of four years his season didnt make it past September. Hes still a good run stopper so he still probably signs somewhere. But its not a certainty.
  19. smhawk

    Prime Time League Rosters

    Come on hawkeye nation, you guys are lagging on information provided. Heres link Trey Dickerson and white can work on chemistry. Interested on seeing further development of woody and gabe. As well as seeing brady ellingson and uhl. Gonna be there...
  20. smhawk

    Put in order top reasons for lost, missing field of 64 soon to go on 9 years

    1. Scoring: Our team isn't built to win in the 60s in a 40 minute game, much less 45 Would have helped to see more paint attempts from White/Marble/Gabe. Just didn't get enough foul call opportunities. 2. Rebounds and steals Got out rebounded by a team with much less length...