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    Current Massey ratings of Iowa's schedule

    Just an interesting (maybe?) perspective: Wins: Indiana #63 - 34-6 Iowa St #15 - 27-17 Kent St #96 - 30-7 Colorado St #85 - 24-14 Maryland #59 - 51-14 Penn St #13 - 23-30 Northwestern #75 - 17-12 Losses: Purdue #19 - 7-24 Wisconsin #9 - 7-27 TBD: Minnesota #25 Illinois #61 Nebraska #35...
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    Check out Stanford

    You know, the program that won 3 Pac 12 titles in 4 years and absolutely humiliated us in the 2016 Rose Bowl? They're now last place in their division at 2-5 and just got beat at home 52-7 by Utah. All of this has occurred under the same head coach's watch. Kind of amazing.
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    Iowa's schedule the rest of the way

    I don't have any specific agenda, just curious about the numbers and thought I might as well share. Going off Football Outsiders defensive efficiency ratings through week 7 (so not counting this weekend's games). (Team) - (defensive efficiency ranking) - (Iowa point output) - (TO margin)...
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    Wisconsin @ Purdue next weekend

    I'm sure some of you already knew this, but Wisconsin plays at Purdue next weekend. That will be some must see bye week TV, I think. If Wisconsin mops the floor with Purdue, I might cry.
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    Has anyone actually charted the "injuries"?

    I did the first half on a whim, but would be surprised if someone else hasn't already done this (better). I did defensive "injuries" only. 1Q 13:07 #97 down. Has not returned by end of 2Q. 1Q 3:13 Big Goodson run, #1 down. Returns after 1 play. 2Q 7:52 Hawks really moving the ball, #91...
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    Some interesting halfway point Massey numbers

    I've got Hawkeye football fever and time to kill lol Some predicted win %s the rest of the way here: Some sweaty palmed games ahead, I fear. A couple that jumped out: @ Wisconsin, 70% win chance, projected 21-14 score @ Nebraska, 62% win chance...
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    Any word on Moss?

    Did not look good, I'm very nervous. I've watched a lot of sports in my lifetime, I got a strong "torn knee ligament" vibe watching that. Hope I'm I'm wrong, dude is a weapon.
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    Anyone watching Michigan @ Nebby now?

    0-0, end of 1st Q. Nebraska is fired up, can they make it a game?
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    Look at this picture of Eric Crotch

    I see a lot of teeth, but look at the eyes! Talk about your forced smiles. Is it just me, or does this look like a straight up hostage situation? Cuz my read is dude is there against his will, 100%.
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    A little HuskerMax nightcap anyone?

    This thread: it delivers! To be fair, there are some surprisingly clear headed Fuskers chiming in on that thread, but plenty more taking the bait. Can you imagine being a grown ass adult and believing...
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    I have an itchy

    Feeling we're going to win big tonight, anyone else?
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    This ain't all Campbell

    Nonsensical thread title, but I know it'll get me clicks, so here we are. I love seeing the multi sport kids. Specialization sucks. I think you learn so much perspective playing different...
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    CyFan taking today's loss with grace and dignity

    Lol, j/k Losing their minds over there. Just glad it's not us. Could have *easily* been us, but we survived.
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    Several of us (self included) took Wyoming in the HN Survival Pool (@ hapless UConn). They were down 16-10 with about 7 to go. Now lead 24-16. Whew. They were like 31 pt favorites. This has been heartburn Saturday for me.
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    OT: TIL Sean Keeler writes for the Denver Post

    Isn't this the guy who used to regularly run afoul of HN when he wrote for the Rag?
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    Nebraska is going to upset MSU this Sat (change my mind)

    Give me a break - It's creampuff week, so I am looking through other games of interest for this weekend. Could Nebraska win @ MSU this weekend? I (unfortunately) think Nebraska is probably a bit better than people think. Likewise, I think people are probably a bit too high on MSU. It all...
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    Anyone looked ahead to CSU yet?

    Just doing some (boredom fuelled) light scouting. They are a bit of a mystery, but ought to be an easy win. Just a question of how easy, exactly. I think they've got a decent coach - Steve Adazio. He's not the second coming of Bear Bryant by any means, but he's got a track record of being...
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    Luka getting a standard contract!

    I am not sure I've ever been more happy to have been wrong in my entire life! Dude is a real-life superhero!
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    TWO losses?!? Can you even imagine?!?

    Thoughts and prayers to Buckeye Nation. I can't imagine what suffering through losing not one but TWO football games must feel like, I'm just gutted for them. Better days ahead though, keep ya heads up, Bucks...
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    Random football thought of the day: service academies

    I was watching some college football highlights earlier and, by chance, a few involving service academies popped up. Once again, I found myself shocked by how physically _small_ those programs are. Even matched up against FCS schools, they looked noticeably smaller to me. From an eyeball test...