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  1. MursenarySkum

    Scoring Tally offense vs defense

    Just for fun... Offense vs defense scoring Tally. No special teams counting On the season our offense has score 24 On the season. To this point defense has scored 16 *Edited for calculations since math is hard
  2. MursenarySkum

    Chad Powers infiltrates Penn St

    Eli Manning goes undercover as "Chad Powers" to walk-on at Penn St. Tryout day. I love this crap
  3. MursenarySkum

    Big ten west getting wrecked

    Holy dumpster fire Nebraska losing 49-7 to Oklahoma Purdue down 25-15 to Syracuse Northwestern about to lose to salukis (never heard of them) 31-24 Western Kentucky beating Indiana 27-22 Big ten west getting
  4. MursenarySkum

    Scott Frost fired

    Also Scott Frost fired! Now that is sad news indded
  5. MursenarySkum

    New QB commit

    Looks like a 4 star dual threat kid. I thought this year's performance would turn kids away. Apparently they think it's a good chance to come in and play immediately...poor kid doesn't know Kirk yet.. That being said I like it! Article says he ran a 10.86 100 Meter...
  6. MursenarySkum

    Gofund me to keep keegan

    Not really, but how do we get him to stay one more year? Send him a nice basket of assorted cheese? But seriously, after last year I was bummed that we might take a step back. This year has been so fun to watch and I want to keep it going one more year. I Know we will have Kris, but I want both...
  7. MursenarySkum

    Tyler Goodson skipping bowl game

    He's gone. Not surprising.
  8. MursenarySkum

    Kirk for chip

    What do you think the chances are that we could trade Kirk for chip. Chip's contact is 5 year 23 million and I don't know what's left on Kirk's. To sweeten the pot we can really push the 1-2 punch of Kirk AND Brian. I know I'm crazy, but yes I'm saying we throw in Brian for free. We can...
  9. MursenarySkum

    The good news is...

    At least there's still a chance for Wisconsin to still go undefeated and not make the playoff, increasing the pressure for playoff expansion.
  10. MursenarySkum

    Let's not get crazy, but...

    If we're not here to dream why be here at all right? That being said if Iowa can beat Wisconsin, not crap the bed against Nebraska, and get some help with Michigan beating Wisconsin, we still have a shot at the BIG championship game. Thoughts? (Just don't be an A-hole;))
  11. MursenarySkum

    Nate and ButWad!

    Finally get to use it... That's all
  12. MursenarySkum

    The REAL shame of 2017

    After 20 years of the same ol rollercoaster, I've come to expect this stuff, (getting hopes up by playing competently against superior competition, then crapping the bed against the turds of college football) so i want to talk about the thing we all should really be upset about. The real...
  13. MursenarySkum

    Are we ranked after this?

    what a heart breaker. I still have this pit in my stomach. That said are we ranked after this?
  14. MursenarySkum

    Baker Mayfield

    1. That was awesome when he planted the flag at midfield, But I wish it would have stuck in the ground. Sick photo op 2. I hate that he was forced to apologize. 3. I hate Ohio st.
  15. MursenarySkum

    Beth Mowins MNF

    Beth Mowins and Rex Ryan. #cantwait
  16. MursenarySkum

    Grasping at straws!

    I know this is a desperate, homer, delusional thought, but anyway, after how great that game was, Iowa jumps OK for the last spot?