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  1. Seth53

    Nothing new here but...

    Watching bucks/wolves. We really really don't want to put our team, as is, on the field in Indy.
  2. Seth53

    Way too early NCAA tourney brackets.

    Don't shoot the messenger... Lunardi has Iowa as an 8 seed playing Memphis in the South region. Gotta love these guys this time of year!
  3. Seth53

    BF is a much wanted entity

  4. Seth53

    Too soon? Iowa Bowl Projection

    Just saw on one of those wacky college projection sites...Iowa playing Duke in the Pinstripe Bowl.
  5. Seth53

    New $800 million Northwestern FB stadium A 12K *drop* in capacity?....guess they want to keep all of the opposing fans out?
  6. Seth53

    Honest question re: game day parking

    For those of you who used to use the Hawkeye Express, where are you now parking? Hancher, downtown, Finkbine, other? I estimate the train ferried 3000 folks a game. Say, four to a vehicle (being liberal here)....that would equate to 750 cars clogging up what is already a messy traffic...
  7. Seth53

    Continuing Pain

    Not quite at the half....Purdue @ Syracuse... Jones and Tracy combined = 9 catches and 73 yards.
  8. Seth53

    Just Because: Screw you Iowa opponents!
  9. Seth53

    Kinnick: The Documentary Worth every penny of the $20 IMO.
  10. Seth53

    More Clown Follies
  11. Seth53

    PEDO-U Part 2
  12. Seth53

    Welp...we're officially on O$U's radar Think they have forgotten 2017? ;)
  13. Seth53

    MP4 to MP3 conversion

    Yes, I'm old-school and still use my iPod classic for workouts, walking, etc, In the past, I could find a youtube URL, copy and paste it to an MP3 converter page, it would convert, and I could then download to the hard drive for transfer to the iPod. Now I'm getting error message when I try to...
  14. Seth53

    2024 Conference Game!
  15. Seth53

    Just Because: Screw U Purdue :)
  16. Seth53

    Take care of your health.

    OK, for all peeps my age....and younger and self-aware of your health. (Full disclosure....I'll be 64 in October). I had a non-healing lesion on my right upper forehead. It would scab, scab would fall off, it would re-scab, etc. This went on for about 60 days. I had it removed...
  17. Seth53

    Stadium Capacities

    This may be a bit outdated as I don't think Kinnick is over 70k anymore due to the recent renovations.
  18. Seth53

    Just Because: Screw U Sparty :) Was my first and only visit to Sparty stadium. Was darn cold but the rain had stopped earlier. Stands went from deafening to a morgue in one play. Sweet. Love Stanzi.
  19. Seth53

    Iowa ranks #1 in traditions

    I've seen 1, 2, 3 and 5 in person. Not even sure I'd recognize #4. Go Hawks.
  20. Seth53

    Pre-season Athlon B1G 1st team defense