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    ISU/Iowa Game

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    Iowa VS Cincy 12/19

    Looks like this basically replaces the big 4.... which is a better replacement.
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    SDSU Thoughts

    I haven't seen them this year yet but I did watch them several times last year. They are coached by former longtime ISU assistant TJ Otzelberger, who was a finalist for the position at ISU when Prohm was hired, so I've followed them a bit. Last year they didn't have a whole lot of athletic...
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    TCU Scout

    Hey guys, I've seen TCU play a lot this year obviously so I thought I'd give a few notes: Brodziansky is their best player IMO and is a skilled big guy. However, I don't think he does well with contact, so Cook and Pemsl especially need to keep a body on him. Robinson is a guy who has...
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    Blind Resume Comparison

    Team 1: RPI: 21 SOS: 20 Noncon SOS: 27 Top 50: 7-5, 3 road, 1 neutral Team 2: RPI: 32 SOS: 71 Noncon SOS: 271 Top 50: 5-5, 1 road, 1 neutral I've seen/heard a lot of talk about these two teams, and I honestly don't understand the consternation about them. I think they seeded both correctly...
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    How Iowa makes the tourney at 1-1 in the BTT

    A loss I think there is no shot. According to RPI Wizard, obviously not perfect, a loss would have them with an RPI of 81 and an SOS of 46, that’s just not going to happen. Two wins, we can all agree Iowa is in. However, the interesting scenario is if Iowa wins one. Iowa with a win vs. and a...
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    Bracket Matrix

    Good website to monitor this time of year is Bracket Matrix. It basically compiles 109 people who make brackets into a sort of composite index. Iowa is starting to show up on a few of them. However, looking at it, I think there are a few teams Iowa could start to...
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    Honest Question on Kevin Dresser

    I'm an ISU fan, and one that is a bandwagon wrestling fan. There's a lot of excitement on ISU boards about Dresser but since he wrestled for the Hawks (albeit many years ago) I was wondering what you guys thought of him. A member of this board a good friend of mine has us filling out NCAA...
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    Savannah state

    ISU played your Sunday opponent tonight. Extremely hectic game with some pretty crazy stats if you look at them. I would almost describe them as Grinnell-light. They played a full court press and really struggled to get back. No real big guys. They shot 48 threes. Lots of layups and dunks. I'd...
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    Blanks Minny today. Huge win for the Hawks, and IMO NW is the only thing standing between Iowa and the division championship. Lot of fun, meaningful games left for the Hawks and anybody who isn't giving a ton of credit to Kirk, the players, and everybody in between is crazy. Plus who cares how...
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    ISU/Iowa thoughts

    Most know I'm an ISU fan, I've been saying all offseason that I thought Iowa would win and I still do. Reasons: 1. Richardson, despite a good stat line really looked bad the first few quarters. He never got comfortable. Most of the sacks he took were his fault IMO by being indecisive. If he...
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    The only way the Wisconsin game yesterday is a big deal is if the Hawks let it effect them and lose at Purdue. Win in West Layfayette and the Hawks are still right on track. Kansas lost by 25 at Temple this year. Last year ISU had WVU hang a hundred on them on the road and ended up a 3 seed...
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    Expectations going forward

    Caught about the last 8-10 minutes of the Nebraska game. Others have said it but I thought for sure Iowa was going to lose that game based on what happened last year. They pulled it out though and I have to tip my cap to Iowa. Getting the road win at OSU was huge, and they showed real grit in...
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    UNI/RPI thoughts

    Big game on Saturday. I don’t want to harp on the RPI too much here but it’s starting to take shape and historically it is a flawed but useful tool for a fan to determine if your team is going to make the tourney or not. It is also going to highlight one of my criticisms of Fran. For what...
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    Outsider thoughts on KF

    Most of you know I'm an ISU fan but I do root for Iowa. There is a lot of heat coming down on KF so far this season and truth be told the team hasn't looked good, but I've only seen yesterday's game and about a half of Ball State. Long story short, I do think Ferentz's best quality is his...
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    Eron Harris to MSU

    sorry no link. On phone and just read it in a tweet. Has to sit a year for transfer rules but really good player, excellent shooter. Doesn't MSU have a bunch of seniors in the backcourt next year?
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    Iowa/ISU Matchups

    Looking forward to the game on Friday. I’ve said it on this board a few times but I wanted to have a matchup discussion and talk about some stuff I haven’t seen being discussed that I think are advantages/disadvantages for both teams, keys to victory, etc. I’m an ISU fan and I have a...
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    No podcast?

    I have been eagerly awaiting Deacer's take on the UM/PSU game since about 8:30 on sat night.
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    Iowa State fan here-dominating performance

    That one sapped my will to live. Everything every Iowa State fan dreaded as a possibility heading into this game came to fruition. Going to be a long season but we know what iowa can do well. Hopefully you guys can ride Weismann this year. Like rudock too the next 2 years he will be extremely...