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    Why isn't there a thread thread

    BF and Online apparently can be good for 2 qtrs a month.
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    Official Hawks versus Wolves for B1G Championship Thread

    Being prophetic.
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    CFP teams

    Picture seems to be clearing up. UGA (even if loss to Bama) and Cincy in UM against tOSU as a play in game (assuming either trounce West team) If Bama loses, committee will have a choice between 2 loss Bama and 1 loss ND. OU and OKSt too far away as any other conf champ.
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    What does BrianF doing with the playbook in 2020?

    I do wonder if coaches have been using this time to watch tape or get creative with their playbooks. I know Woods has to be cooking up something crazy & Phil is probably checking out a few new blitz packages but how is Brian using this time? Will the combination of no practices and a new QB...
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    Iowa not even Top 10 in developing 3 Stars I was very surprised by this. Both that OSU had that many 3 *s but also that IA wasn't top 3.
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    Sorry I don't have a link but Stanley's score was 40. Highest of all QBs.
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    Hawkeye Athletics UI among the best.