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    Pedo U

    No running game at all. How does that happen with all the 4 star guys they get every year?
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    They are really really bad. Losing to Charlotte. They can thank their lucky stars for Nebraska.
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    Wisconsin game

    what's up with all the empty seats to start the game?
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    How scary is it

    That apparently every QB we have recruited the past several years are worse than Petras? Yikes!
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    Is Flecking bad.
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    Screwed the pooch by turning the QB job over to Mertz
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    I'll say it and I'll take the attacks. BF was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He's a arrogant prick who has no business being the OC at Iowa.
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    Will you be disappointed if...

    Iowas offense scores less than 30 today?
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    Nubby fans released balloons too early.

    Lmao. TD called back
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    Who has a bigger day...Kolar or LaPorta?

    Since it appears LaPorta may be Petras go to guy I'll say LaPorta with 5 catches for 45 yards.
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    Wisconsin and PI penalties.

    Do they ever get called? I've seen 2 or 3 non calls already.
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    Should he have held off giving McCaffrey an extension until after the tourney?
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    First round NCAA tourney loss?

    If it happens should Fran be fired?
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    Nebraska opts out of any Bowl game?

    Probably a moot point since an invite Probably wasn't coming but with all the whining about wanting to play at the start of the year this decision seems like they are tired of losing to decent teams
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    Defensive play

    Does any conference play any besides the Big Ten?
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    Ohio State

    Shouldn't be in top 4.
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    Ferentz has covid

    Reported by another site
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    Who opts out if we go bowling?

    Gholston? Nixon?
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    Looking horrible against Clemson
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    Iowa -12 opening vegas odds

    Lots of respect for Iowa from Vegas. I think it will be closer to 24-20...Iowa.