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    Feb 17th Michigan game moved up 2 days

    It’s my understanding that OSU will now be 2/17…don’t think it’s official but probable. The home game with MI will be their 5th in 11 days.
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    What I thought would happen before the season started… @ VA - Loss @ MN 50-50 @ RUT 50-50 @ PSU 50-50 The rest have gone as I expected. So there’s an unexpected win and 1-2 in the 50-50 games. The other results are as expected. I think we go 4-1 at home (MSU loss). I think @ MD & MI are...
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    5 Observations: Iowa-Rutgers Men's Basketball

    I said to my son with a couple minutes left the loser can’t complain. Either team could have won by 20 the way the other played. I thought both deserved to lose…wish we could have pulled out the win. But I’m not blaming the refs with the hundred things we did wrong.
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    It's Time For Kris To Get Bohannon's Starting Spot

    I’ve been a JBo supporter/advocate for 5 years. But Kris should be starting and others should be getting his minutes. And it’s not like any of us are saying he should be kicked off the team. He can earn his minutes back.
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    Official Iowa @ Minnesota game thread

    That can happen when a certain someone doesn’t play…
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    Im Going To Say this Again

    I felt the same way about Ogundele…until he gained that holiday weight.
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    Iowa looking at a 1-7 start

    Iowa has been in every NCAA projection since they were 6-0. We are much better than a bubble team at this point.
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    I think Kris is ahead of where Keegan was at this time last year. We just need him to take over Keegan’s role next season. But I really like this team a lot.
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    Perkins & Ulis played more minutes than the starting backcourt. But I think there is a definite advantage to starting Perkins & bringing JBo off the bench. Perkins would contain the opposing team’s 2.
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    Let's get the game thread started early tonight for a change: IL visits Iowa City

    And this team is just scratching the surface. We will get better as the season progresses. I think Fran has the personnel to play the style he’s always wanted to play. Our press is nasty.
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    Let's get the game thread started early tonight for a change: IL visits Iowa City

    Pretty even teams IMO. If Iowa had shot their season FT% it would equal 2 more points. If Illinois had shot their season FT% it would equal 5 fewer points (more when factoring in the intentional fouls at the end). That’s a 7 point swing and Iowa win.
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    Iowa to play Kentucky in Vrbo Citrus Bowl

    I suspect football fans with no team in either game will watch the more entertaining game of the 2. And the millions of gamblers out there…will watch both.
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    IA/Virginia game thread

    7-0. That’s my only comment on the season thus far, the roster and tonight’s game. And I fully expect to be 7-1…toughest game on the entire schedule is Friday IMO.
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    CJ Frederick

    I thought CJ was going to be an outstanding player. But he’s hurt…or thinks he’s hurt…more than he’s healthy. So his departure is not going to hurt us IMO. And I doubt he’s going to help Kentucky much.
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    Jordan Bohannon Sets Record in Iowa Win

    I view this record as his reward for letting Chris Street’s record stand.
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    BTN plus

    It’s different for everyone. I would never use or recommend Century Link. If it rained in my neighborhood we lost internet for a week…moisture in the whatever that had to dry. Every situation is different. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be with CL. But it’s not even an option for me. And when...
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    Observations: Hawkeyes Blow Out Longwood

    True. But all of these records should be taken with a grain of salt. Freshmen didn’t used to be eligible. There used to be fewer games in a season. There didn’t used to be a conference tournament. The NCAA field used to be smaller, etc. I just want wins.
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    Watching Me Some Ballin Tonight

    He’s definitely a project at this point. But he’s also supposed to be a high school senior. And he looks like most 6’11” high school players.
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    Watching Me Some Ballin Tonight

    He’s already been healthy 1 more game than CJ this season.
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    JBo Attacker.....a former Cyclone???

    Alcohol was involved. Enough said. Lots of stupid happens…usually enough to go around.