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  1. Drakebulldog93

    Hawks vs Jackrabbits game thread

    Jackrabbit defense looks like Alabama...we are pathetic.
  2. Drakebulldog93

    Hawks vs Jackrabbits game thread

    Is Padilla dressed for the game?
  3. Drakebulldog93

    Turgeon done at Maryland!

    What is with firing coaches so early????
  4. Drakebulldog93

    Lincoln Riley to USC leaving Oklahoma

    My first thought when I heard this.
  5. Drakebulldog93

    Penn state vs Hawkeye

    Going to hold you to it....
  6. Drakebulldog93

    Penn state vs Hawkeye

    Tory Taylor
  7. Drakebulldog93

    Is Iowa"s defense elite?

    Indiana is not a good running team....big challenge this week. We will find out how good this young D-line is.
  8. Drakebulldog93

    Who else isn't sold on Petras still?

    When Padilla got his shot... couldn't have been worse. Too many dropped balls, but Spencer held the ball too long.
  9. Drakebulldog93

    OLine Sat. vs Indu... uh oh!

    I thought the O-line pass protection was decent. Spencer held the ball too long...throw the reciever open. His favorite target today was out of bounds. The running game wasn't great, but new bodies in there, got to accept it.
  10. Drakebulldog93

    Hawk UFA signings

    Heflin to Green Bay Jackson to LA Rams Banwart to the Titans Beyer to Denver Smith to Dallas Am I missing anyone?
  11. Drakebulldog93

    Three More Hawkeyes Hear Names Called in NFL Draft

    He didn't perform well at the Senior Bowl practices. Amazing how a few days can muck up a career
  12. Drakebulldog93

    Where are Nixon’s people at?

    There is something out there that has teams wary...but I did see mock drafts where Nixon wasn't picked. I thought it was an oversight. Now I'm wondering?
  13. Drakebulldog93

    Where are Nixon’s people at?

    He's been "Best available" on CBS draft tracker since the 4th rd started.
  14. Drakebulldog93

    Iowa Basketball lands Filip Rebraca Commitment

    Been watching video of Mulvey. He may get some minutes, but a long ways from Big10 ready. Two things I like about his game...and remember this kid is young, and a project. When he gets the ball, he keeps it high, off rebounds or passes in the post. Tough to teach, big men have a tendency to...
  15. Drakebulldog93

    Iowa Athletics Ends Operation of Hawkeye Express

    The Hawkeye Express was awesome. Great place to tailgate. Easy to get to the stadium. Too many tailgating and parking areas gone in the last 10-12 years. Who remembers Olive Court and the Myrtle Hill parking? They were a blast.
  16. Drakebulldog93

    transfer portal news

    Yesufu is dead to is Liam Robbins. Mid majors take a chance on a kid, develops them...then people get in their ears. Look at all the players in the portal? Not enough spots for all of them.
  17. Drakebulldog93

    Kallenberger done.

    Surprised me...anything medical or was his heart not in it anymore?
  18. Drakebulldog93

    Murray and Patrick

    Funny how the color guys (former coaches) love Connors role and rave about what he brings to the table....and message board heroes know better????
  19. Drakebulldog93

    Petras kind of reminds me of

    It was his first game...he didn't fumble...twice.
  20. Drakebulldog93

    MD - Minny

    Can't believe I turned this game off...Maryland plays a ghost defense.. how did Minny get shutout in the fourth quarter? Fleck is so full of phony energy from the's a 60 minute game. I've seen this classic