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  1. Golfer


    I need one extra parking spot for the season.
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    Prolly old news, but Dolph said both guys are cleared to play.
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    Presser. Injury Update Today's presser is premium content. Laffy. Anyone have access and care to update us on injuries please?
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    Smoke and I Believe Fire

    I doubt it will be announced today. I don't know. It has be strangely quiet unlike the leaks when KoK left. Anyway, I believe it has been discussed, maybe eve decided, KF will voluntarily leave in two years. Call it a rumor I strongly believe. Let my crucifixion begin.
  5. Golfer

    Iowa is NFL Developmental Model

    Except we are allowed one head coach, nine assistants and two graduate assistants. And I'm not sure we have one coach dedicated to special teams. I might be wrong here, but doesn't one assistant have two roles, with special teams being the second role, and apparently an afterthought? Ah well...
  6. Golfer

    B1G has an Iowa Problem

    Not sure if someone already posted this. Anyway, not a real good week for some folks down in IC. Good.
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    Website with former players

    Looking for some help here. It has been linked on here before. The website covering multiple teams with former players as moderators. Thanks.
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    Not that anyone is super excited. 2013 College Football Countdown
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    Sound Off Baby

    Who was the tight end from Mt. Pleasant who caught the TD pass, and what year is he in please?
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    Fans React Differently

    I'm not sure how Iowa's fan demographics break down, and if it is different than other teams. I suspect it is similar, but weighted with more fans who aren't alumni. In some ways similar to Southern schools in this regard. I find the alumni and students to be the hardest on the current state of...
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    U Of I Has Single Game Tix for Nebby

    A bunch in the student section. Seats in the student section will be marked off as reserved. Also, some other seats available also. Rec'd e-mail this morning, and they indicated I could buy up to 8 add'l tix for Nebby. You can read a lot in to this. They always have single game seats available...
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    Bowl Game Projections

    NCAA College Football BCS Bowl Projections Week 9 - ESPN I'm still hoping for the Gator Bowl, but at this point, any bowl, just for the additional practice would be good. I think we can get to 6 wins, but I'm not 100% confident either. We have some young guys on this teams, and I don't...
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    Hawkeye Game Film

    Are his posts in the football thread with links no longer pinned to the top of the football form? If not, how do I find his stuff? Home page? Am I missing something obvious here?
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    Does Iowa Play Someone in Football This Week?

    Insight? Anyone? Tweeter has a point, not much about Iowa -v MSU in the football thread. I like to read about Iowa football every once in a while. We beat the opening line by the way. Basing this on MSU offensive struggles, and hoping it's not corrected before this weekend.
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    Need To Bet V Cash Please

    Please. Please. Please. Whar V cash games for this Saturday?
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    I think we're probably going to kill them. Let the crucifixion begin now.
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    V Bookie

    V Bookie account down to $13,500, but in the threads it only shows I bet $26,500. It shows I made a bet on the Iowa game, but in the sections that shows who bet for what, I'm not there. Appears web-site took my v cash? Or not?
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    ULM - Baylor

    I'm kind of late to the ULM bandwagon. I first saw them in their bowl game last year. I believe it was their first bowl game. They did an Urban Meyer type thing at the beginning of the game. Several players were bloodied. Interesting. Pretty sure I have the above correct. My point is parity in...
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    Need 1 additonal UNI ticket

    I'm in Cedar Rapids, and I'll come over to exchange cash for the ticket. I need one more, and if it was a sideline ticket, that would be great. I'm not interested in end zone seats. Thanks.
  20. Golfer

    We'll be fine

    Not great, but we'll be fine. The coaching changes will be proven to be good choices within 3 years. Probably sooner. I'm on record. No proceed to crucify me. Good night.