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    Tyler Sash

    I do trivia puzzles on I was doing one called In Memoriam: 2015 where you have to identify notable deaths in 2015. I was surprised to see that they included Tyler in their selection of 42 notable deaths for that year...
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    Carl Davis?

    I sure hope they actually knew who they were cutting!
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    Parks to Utah

    Ricky Parks has committed to Utah.
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    First Hawkeye cut...

    Looks like it's Jake Gervase...
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    Unique opportunity tomorrow

    Mark Wilson will be at Deery Brothers Ford tomorrow to sign copies of his book, "The Way of Nile Kinnick Jr." Mark is a true Hawkeye fan and historian. Stop by and meet Mark, bring your own book or buy one there (while supplies last). CLICK HERE for more information
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    Ya shoulda went to Iowa...

    There aren't many times where I can point to a specific player and say they would have come out better had they gone to Iowa, but Orlando Brown is one of those times. Assuming he would have listened and stuck it out, does anyone doubt that Doyle and the staff would have shaped and prepared this...
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    C.J. Beathard gets...

    the backup spot for the 49ers, with Barkley being cut according to
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    Get a load of this...

    Here's what Mel Kiper has to say now about George Kittle and the draft... Fullbacks 1. George Kittle, Iowa 2. Freddie Stevenson, Florida State 3. Taylor McNamara, USC 4. Sam Rogers, Virginia Tech 5. Tyler McCloskey, Houston 6. Marquez Williams, Miami (Fla.) 7. Shane Smith, San Jose State 8...
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    In other news...

    Is it just me, or has this guy had a longer collegiate career than Jess Settles??
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    Whar the love?

    So I go to the ESPN NCAAM page...and where's our love? NO mention in the articles and the first video clip says we routed a cold-shooting Davidson team. You'd think we just got lucky and they missed a bunch of open shots. I'm mad bro....
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    Nice mention for Adrian Clayborn

    NFC Blog talking about who will be the next defensive superstar in that division.
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    Les Miles showing his class again...

    This guy probably prank calls opposing coaches too...and is an internet tough guy. Les Miles of LSU Tigers questions Gunner Kiel's 'ability to lead' - ESPN
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    The first to fall??

    Anyone watching TCU get lit up by Baylor?? Not that Baylor is playing great defense, but they're still up by 24 with 3:00 to play in the 3rd quarter.
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    Where to watch in Davenport?

    I will be in Davenport this weekend and am wondering where is the best place to watch the Hawkeyes? I will have my wife and two kids with me and, no, my wife will not watch the game at Hooters. Thanks.
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    James Cleveland

    Didn't see this posted yet. True Blue - Nick Eatman Blog Good luck James
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    Jason White

    Dropped my son off at the Iowa basketball camp today and Jason happened to be working at the first check-in table at the Field House. Asked him how he was doing and he responded that he was "living the dream." Said he was doing his best to keep the incoming freshman from leapfrogging him on...