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    I need one extra parking spot for the season.
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    Three white players kneeled

    I wouldn't mid seeing some links to some of these items. FWIW, I agree wit some (not all) of this. I just want to see you not be able to link to anything factual (or empirical) on a couple of these items. Croney is actually crony in the context you attempting to use. Actually, what would be...
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    Three white players kneeled

    Why? Are you suggesting civil liberty only applies to people who have a certain view, and not those that have an opposite view?
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    You're correct. Let's hope he isn't going to be treated unfairly. It already started when he was wrongfully pulled over. With more clear thinking people like yourself going public, we can right this wrong. Thank you for your principled stand and courage. Covfefe!
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    Question - Press Coverage

    CB's are playing much closer. Coverage has been good, even with the two freshman. They just haven't completely learned when the ball is about to arrive. I see it too. It's been a lot of years since we have had so many in the backfield, able to pass cover so well.
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    What level of incompetence does Brian Ferentz have to exhibit to be fired?

    Nothing to do with defending someone with the same last name as the head coach. Everything to do with being objective. Not many people defended trying to throw into a 3-4 last season, or pulling out a KOK play that resulted in a safety. It's like politics, we really don't understand policy...
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    What level of incompetence does Brian Ferentz have to exhibit to be fired?

    BF = Iowa throwing more on 1st down BF = Iowa running n 2nd down, after throwing on 1st down vs ISU - Broke tendency, threw on 1st and 2nd down. Arguably the two best offensive plays of the game KOK = A QB holding on to throws? BF U+2260; 2260 KOK
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    What level of incompetence does Brian Ferentz have to exhibit to be fired?

    I'm rarely critical of players, but for anyone who thinks this in on BF, and not the QB, or QB Coach KOK, I'm not sure what you watched on the field this year. To me it is clear NS is holding on, trying not to throw high balls. Steering the ball, which results in throws behind the receiver...
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    Howe: Hawkeye Kids Day Notes and Observations

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    Howe: Hawkeye Kids Day Notes and Observations

    Nixon can't play this season. I'm not getting a warm and fuzzy feeling about punting. What's going on there?
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    Howe: Hawkeye Spring Practice Observations

    OL is a work in progress, but leverage was better than last spring game, especially on 3rd downs. More speed at WR, and it is obvious from last spring to this spring. DL looks to have depth, and looks good, but awfully hard to tell as D is always ahead of O this early. A lot of in scrimmage...
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    Check out Loyola

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    BF reached out to Ahmad Wagner

    BF must have reached out pretty good, becuase a little birdie told me he's at practice today eta Not sure he was suited up.
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    He catches almost every ball thrown his way, and blocks downfield very well. Back next year.
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    Zen and the art of being a Hawkeye Fan

    I don't know. I've watched 8-4 seasons that weren't much fun. This season has been fun, except the road trip to MSU, but that wasn't unexpected, and at least I got to fly fish for salmon. IIRC, we've played 11-13 redshirt and true freshman. There are extremely talented (for Iowa) players in...
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    Any observations from Kids Day?

    I'm more optimistic than normal. Just pointing out what has been obvious to everyone in recent years about pass protect and OT's. The DL looks like it has 8 legit in the rotation. The failure of the R package on 3rd and long with respect to the run has been worked on, and we now have some sort...
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    Any observations from Kids Day?

    This. Essentially we are seeing an offensive line made up of guards. Tackle is the offensive issue. The WR issue might, or might not be solved, but can be fixed now that there are 2 legit RB's. The tackle problem is the game inside the game.