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  1. ihawkeye

    Anyone buying tickets to Indy yet?

    Just curious to see if anyone has bought tickets yet to the B1G Ten Championship in Indy? Or are you waiting to see what happens Saturday?
  2. ihawkeye

    Sean Foster to the Gophers

    4* OL didn't even get an offer from the Hawks and his Dad was a Hawk. I wonder what the deal is?
  3. ihawkeye

    So what happens to a ref if he/she......

    screws up a game or miss calls. Has anyone ever heard of a ref getting an type of discipline?
  4. ihawkeye

    Michigan blocking committed recruits from see other schools

    Do many other schools do this? If so why aren't we?
  5. ihawkeye

    So how bad are the RB injuries?

    Has anyone heard how bad they're hurt?