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    Mid-Season All-Americans - who ya got?

    Who makes this list? Tory Taylor? Tyler Linderbaum? Jack Campbell? The entire secondary?
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    Rutgers collapsed and choked so badly in that game I started looking for Steve Alford on their bench.
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    Elimination Day

    Things are falling into place. Notre Dame, Baylor, Florida, Michigan, Oklahoma State all lost and are out. So there are basically 8 teams left competing for the 4 playoff spots. Oklahoma finished strong and is almost certainly in. Iowa/MSU winner will be in. Alabama will be in if they beat...
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    CFP Ranking prediction thread

    Who ya got? I say the top 5 remains unchanged and below that are some big changes. 1 Clemson 2 Alabama 3 Ohio State 4 Notre Dame 5 Iowa 6 Oklahoma (+6) 7 Oklahoma State (+1) 8 Michigan State (+5) 9 Florida (+2) 10 Michigan (+4) 11 TCU (+4) 12 Baylor (-6) 13 Florida State (+3) 14...
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    Scherff goes #5 to Washington! Congrats, Brandon!

    Scherff goes #5 to Washington! Congrats, Brandon!
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    It was nice to see the Hawks actually stomp someone, no matter how bad they are

    WMU is a bad, bad team that will probably go 0-12, but I loved watching us stomp the hell out of them. WMU lost to Nicholls State two weeks ago. Nicholls State lost to Oregon 66-3, to Louisiana Lafayette 70-7, and is losing right now to Langston University, whoever the hell that is.
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    The D was supposed to suck and the O was supposed to carry the team

    ...not quite working out that way, is it?
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    Are y'all ready?

    ...ready to have to deal with arrogant, chest-puffing, juicebag Nebraska fans for the next year? You were excited to have Nebraska join the Big Ten? Be careful what you wish for. I envision losing this game at least 70% of the time. This could be the end of Iowa's relevance in the Big Ten.
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    Panthers up big in CIT

    UNI is destroying Rider in the first round of the CIT tournament - up 49-20 in early second half action. On the other hand, what the hell is the CIT tournament?
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    Kirk Ferentz, motivation, and success

    Kirk Ferentz is a really, really good program builder. He can take a team that is not expected to do much and coach them up and motivate them into winners. But it's like he doesn't know what to do after that. He can build a program, but he can't maintain one. I think Kirk requires that...
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    Insanely stupid play call

    3rd and 19 from your own 5 yard line, and you hand the ball off to the fullback? There is NO legitimate reason to do that. None. The coaching staff has given up.
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    Stone Cold Lock of the Week - from ESPN columnist DJ Gallo

    Stone Cold Lock of the Week Noting that, by beating Ohio State at home, Wisconsin (with the same record as the Buckeyes) still placed behind Ohio State in the AP poll and BCS standings, Iowa will purposely lose to Wisconsin this week so it can leap over the Badgers and Buckeyes. Because...
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    CFN All-American teams

    First Team Pat Angerer - #3 LB Second Team Tyler Sash - #5 DB Third Team Bryan Bulaga - #15 OL Hon. Mention Tony Moeaki - #10 TE
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    Talk about media overreaction...

    Things went horribly wrong for Iowa for 3 quarters, and we still won by 18 points, and even covered the precious spread everybody said was too high. Indiana had one meaningful drive for a score, the opening drive of the game. After that, they scored on a drive that started on the Iowa 35...
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    BCS rankings - can we hold on to our spot?

    The rankings are highly volatile. Week one top 8: .9886 Florida .9526 Alabama .8911 Texas .8083 Boise State .7870 Cincinnati .7869 Iowa .7695 USC .7139 TCU Iowa was .0001 behind Cincy and .0214 behind Boise State. Iowa led USC by .0174, and TCU by .0756. New rankings (change in...
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    Winning at East Lansing

    There seems to be a bit of fear about playing Michigan State on the road. While it's true Iowa hasn't won there since 1995, that's not as big a deal as it sounds - it's only a losing streak of 4 actual road games - here are the details: We lost there 49-3 in 1999, which was during Iowa's 1-10...
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    Iowa in 2009 road games - ZERO second half points allowed

    That's right - Iowa has outscored 3 road opponents 54-0 in the second half this year. Two of those three were also shut out in the second quarter. This team stands out in a lot of ways, but that might be one of the most impressive stats I've seen.
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