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    Other Games Today

    The Oregon-Washington St game is entertaining. The WSU play calling might put our offensive coaches in a coma. They ran a fake jet sweep where the QB faked the forward flip, just tossing it up and catching it himself before completing the pass.
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    Did Iowa strike out with Powers and Estrella?
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    WOW got Procter

    If he follows Wirfs' path to the pros, he'll cash much bigger checks than anyone's going to see from NIL.
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    Will Fran be in the Green Room?

    Painter was Painter was sitting with Ivey.
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    Tyler Sash

    I do trivia puzzles on I was doing one called In Memoriam: 2015 where you have to identify notable deaths in 2015. I was surprised to see that they included Tyler in their selection of 42 notable deaths for that year...
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    Trash Talk From Opposing Players To JoBo?

    "What was it like shooting into a peach basket back in the day?" "Glad the games aren't still in black and white like your Freshman year."
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    Carl Davis?

    I sure hope they actually knew who they were cutting!
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    Parks to Utah

    Ricky Parks has committed to Utah.
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    SITE is broken for me!

    That might be easier said than done. I have AdBlock and wanting to get rid of the google ads in the middle of the text because they keep popping up inappropriate ads and my 12 yo is often sitting with or near me. The article is part of a taboola feed and the very first level of ad blocking takes...
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    Epenesa- Combine

    I'll post the link if I can find it again, but I was reading a combine analysis online that said while the overall numbers weren't great, the tape is so much more important and there's plenty of that to examine. More importantly, it said, they talked to some offensive linemen who said AJE was...
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    FBI Trial

    The process and continued success of the schools named in these investigations reminds me of an old joke. A young boy (recruit) goes into the confessional (NCAA office) and tells the priest (NCAA official) that he has sinned (cheated). The priest (official) asks him to what he has done. The boy...
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    First Hawkeye cut...

    Keegan Render
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    First Hawkeye cut...

    And Nick Easley
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    First Hawkeye cut...

    Looks like it's Jake Gervase...
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    *Somebody* had to post this!

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    Hock only played 2 Years

    ^^^^ This. You guys sound like politicians, as though it can only be one way or the other. I hate it from a nostalgic point of view, in that I love watching guys grow here and chase the record books. I love it from the standpoint of being something that looks good to recruits. We can embrace the...
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    Tristan Wirfs

    Brandon tossed up 443 three times. Scherff in beast mode
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    Unique opportunity tomorrow

    Mark Wilson will be at Deery Brothers Ford tomorrow to sign copies of his book, "The Way of Nile Kinnick Jr." Mark is a true Hawkeye fan and historian. Stop by and meet Mark, bring your own book or buy one there (while supplies last). CLICK HERE for more information
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    Braylon questions if Michigan is better than Iowa

    What I find amusing is all of the "he hasn't beat Ohio State" talk surrounding Harbaugh. News flash...he hasn't even beaten Iowa yet...and got run over here as a kid (though the driver says Jim hit him).