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  1. ThunderHawk

    One Image Encapsulates 127 Years of Clown Football

    #38 realizes what he signed up for.
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    Are y'all enjoying the shitshow extravaganza? The Hox are two lucky shots from a four game losing streak to four middling teams. 3 of them at home. We lose out. Book it. I'm posting this before the end of the Indiana game, because I know how this movie ends, and it's a shitty movie.
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    Hey Rutgers...

    Missing something?
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    The Dolphin Deserves A Public Apology

    From Francis, from Barta, and from Ed Podolak. From Francis, because The Dolphin was totally right about Francis' team, hot mic or not. From Barta, for throwing The Dolphin under the bus with his cryptic "tensions" bullshit, when everyone with a pulse knows that said "tensions" have to be the...
  5. ThunderHawk

    Kirby Smart is God'd chew toy

    And God is a Rottweiler. This pleases me, because Kirby Smart is an insufferable douchebag. He actually makes me like Satan err Saban by comparison. I'll take Kurt over that visored dickwad any day.
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    FRom the moment of the last punt

    everyone knew just the F how that game would end. And still it pisses me off.
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    Today, I'm Thankful

    I'm thankful that I had to miss the 4th Quarter due to a prior Halloween-themed outdoor engagement. Because if I would have actually witnessed the 4th Quarter, I no doubt would have yelled, loudly and repeatedly, YOU G*****N M*********R!!! And the entire neighborhood would have heard it. And...
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    The Problem Is College Football Itself

    Sure, the Hawks pissed it down their leg last night. And in the process, essentially flushed the entire season right down the toilet. With one loss. In four games. To a good team. And that's that. FML. Show me one other sports league/organization that operates like this. You can't. You can...
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    Roughing the Kicker

    I'd kick your ass off the team if I were the coach and you did that to my defense. DFKR There's stupid, and then there's roughing the kicker stupid.
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    And who in the hell were in those Iowa uniforms? I did not recognize those people. But I do believe that I like them.
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    Look On The Bright Side

    At least this team from Omaha didn't come over... Cuz they woulda dropped a Benjamin on us. Like midway through the second half.
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    Epic Meatchicken Meltdown

    Bitter tears taste like sugar.
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    Dafuq he been all season? I know where he shoulda been. On the GD field.
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    Only Kurt, Inc. could take a 28 point lead against a dominated team, have the ball with 9 minutes left and treat us to a thrill ride. THAT is football, mofos.
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    Dearest Kurt

    Your receivers suck. Give someone else a shot. And would it kill you to recruit a big, fast one? And throw it to him?
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    Easiest money ever

    IOWA -2 @MINN Holy crap.
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    Well executed. Great clampdown defense. #longtermcontracts
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    Storm...fizzling. Drizzle forecast.
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    Suckeyes try to keep it under 30 ya jagoffs