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    Iowa's Offense

    Folks, there are some on this board who are surprised at how our offense has struggled this season. however, we actually did have a game this season where we received the opening kickoff for a touch back and our first offensive play was a time out. remember? after a full week of game prep...
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    This Is What Was Squandered Away

    When we were 9-5 we were in 6th place in the B1G. We go 1-5 to close out the B1G and finish in 6th place. We were right there in the upper echelon of the B1G this season and puked all over ourselves. If we'd finished 5-1 / 14-6, we'd have finished 4th. WOW
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    Tyler Elsbury commits

    per his twitter. apparently
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    Tom Herman

    If Herman did do this, then he just screwed both himself and Urban. Herman will have lost all credibility in the coaching profession. Just wow.
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    Noah Hutchins

    Well, I stumbled upon this little highlight. I'm convinced Noah Hutchins has way more than enough power and athleticism to play at Iowa.
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    Hearing Some Really Good Things

    Hearing this could wind up being a most profitable weekend. Anyone else hearing anything?
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    X Foster...USC

    looks like XF was offered by USC during his recent visit.
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    Jestin Jacobs

    We just got a verbal from LB Jestin Jacobs. His video is killer!
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    Tennessee, Florida, Nebraska, Arizona St

    There are a lot of above average to high visibility jobs available this off season. UCLA landed Kelly. Have I missed any job openings? Who lands where? Florida is a dumpster fire with all of the off field issues they've had. UT is sort of kNU in that the fans still expect them to be 1990's...
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    Jim Mora Fired from UCLA

    No surprise here. Any suggestions who will replace him?
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    Was Ferentz asked about timing of 2 point Conversion?

    I saw a post game transcript of ferentz' presser that didn't include this question. but i don't know if that is the full transcript. Does anyone know if kirk was asked by the iowa media?
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    Fire Kirk and Hire Jim Leonhard NOW!

    come on, gary. just do it, for crying out loud. if we have a team that's talented enough to pound the living shit out of OSU, then we should have 9 or 10 wins, right now....not 6.
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    Anyone Know Official PBU count for JJ last night?

    I'm thinking 4-6. That's a monster game for a cb.
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    Official Iowa Victory PSU Game Thread

    Yeah, I said what the eff! Might as well be aggressive and go for it. 45 points wins it.
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    Hawkeye Motivations - PSU

    I think we all agree PSU is the better team. Most of us think PSU will win. But, Iowa does have some items they can use for motivation: * 2016. They don't allow Saquon Barkely to reach 3000 career rushing yards (121 yds away). This would most likely result in no big plays. Does our defense...
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    Visitors for PSU Game

    Hey, Rob, I know it's still early in the week, but do you have a line on visitors for the PSU game?
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    Iowa offers RB Antwuan Branch

    Hey, folks, saw this on another site. If Iowa can sign this kid, it would be a soft landing from Eno's de-commit. * Power * Balance * Vision * Good speed (not great) * Good stiff-arm * Big. This kid's video really grew on me.
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    Eno just De-Committed per twitter

    that is all
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    Perspective on Iowa Mens Basketball 2015-16

    Marquette just beat Wisconsin at Wisconsin. We now have smoked...and I mean smoked, two teams that have beaten Wisconsin at Wisconsin. The ISU game stings, for sure, but be patient with this team. If we can get a reliable bench down the stretch, we will be okay. Our top 7 are really good.
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    Don't Get High On Your Own Supply!

    ROFL. Great line, Jon. Btw, it was David Pollack who said that "Alabama wins the national championship of recruiting every year." Pollack also stated that Memphis should be where Iowa is. Surprise there, right? Memphis beat Ole Miss and Ole Miss kicked Alabama at Alabama. So, of course...