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    Connor Turnbull

    Decommitted from Butler today. Him and Dillard have exchanged follows on Twitter in the last 24 hours prior to his, I'd say Iowa is involved in his recruitment. LINK
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    Rob Phinisee

    Indiana transfer Rob Phinisee tells me that he's receiving interest from the following programs: Cincinnati Purdue UNLV Ohio State Iowa Bradley Cal Per Jon Rothstein
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    ROAR for IOWA

    ROAR for IOWA Black and Yellow Pride
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    Anthony Clemmons Highlight Mix

    Anthony Clemmons Highlight Mix Looks pretty solid. Thoughts?
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    Gavin Thurman

    In the case that you all didn't know yet, Gavin will be visiting Iowa City on September 3rd. I believe it is an official visit. So, make sure to show him plenty of Hawkeye love and support. For those who don't know much about Gavin, he is a 6'7/210 combo forward from Wichita, KS. He ran with...
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    Iowa Basketball Recruit Aaron White Live Chat Q&A

    Iowa Basketball Recruit Aaron White Live Chat Q&A
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    NCAA Proposes End to Early Scholarship Offers

    NCAA Proposes End to Early Scholarship Offers I support this move and hope it passes. Kids are getting recruited WAY to early these days. Already kids are getting offers before they even get to high school. It's just crazy, and I don't think it gives a kid a chance to live a normal life.
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    Elite Camp

    Will Fran hold an Elite Camp this summer?
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    Harrison Barnes to Iowa Energy

    Not really, but I had a curious thought. Could a player of Harrison's caliber enter the NBA D-League straight out of high school? I know that kids can't enter the NBA until 19 years old or one year after their high school graduation, but does that include the D-League? Think about how cool...
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    Walthall, Jordan and Cornette

    Where have they been in this whirlwind? I haven't heard a peep from any of them.
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    Post Game Comment That Bothered Me

    Did anyone hear Lick say "I just gotta take care of me first" in the post game interview with Dolph. I didn't like it and I didn't care for the tone in his voice when he said it. The dude has pretty much been taking care of himself while he collects fat checks to just Lickloiter around Iowa...
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    Brommer Rumor

    Rumor has it that Andrew Brommer may also be transferring out of Iowa.
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    OT: Trouble in Gopherland

    I got bored and stopped by Gopherhole and man are they stirred up about rumors of transfers. Boy, it is some drama. Some are blaming Tubby and his harsh personality and coaching style amoung other things. One seemingly well informed poster says three players are considering transferring and two...
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    Thomas Feeney the Alaskan Assassin

    Hey, if Iowa is still looking for a point guard in 2010 maybe they should look up Thomas Feeney from Alaska. Has Iowa ever recruited Alaska before? You insiders, tell the coaching staff our point guard solution might be hiding up in Anchorage. You never know where you'll find the hidden gems. At...
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    Link Not surprising that Illinois is the favorite amongst those voting on an Illinois high school basketball site, BUT Penn getting more votes than the Hakweyes!:confused:
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    MN Player Giggling

    Was it just me or did anyone else notice how the MN players were just yucking it up throughout and after the game yesterday? It really burned my chaps to watch. :mad: