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    4-Star JP Estrella High on Hawkeye Basketball

    Man oh man would it be fun watching Magic Bowen and Butta Brock Harding dishing to JP and Owen in the post.
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    4-Star JP Estrella High on Hawkeye Basketball

    *fingers crossed* Estrella would be a big time pick up for Fran and the Hawkeyes. Alongside Freeman, Harding and possibly Pryce Sandfort, that'd be a huge recruiting class for Fran.
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    4-Star JP Estrella High on Hawkeye Basketball

    Yet they've got commitments from 3 top 20 players in the 2023 class...Duke is still gonna Duke I guess.
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    Brock Harding Commits to Iowa Basketball

    Bowen isn't going to start, in my opinion. Ahron Ulis will be the starting point guard next season...and if it isn't him it's Tony Perkins.
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    Travis Perry is one of the fastest rising prospects in the country

    I think Kentucky offered him so I'm not holding my breath.
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    Brock Harding Commits to Iowa Basketball

    Perkins for sure, he was balling in the later half of last season. I feel pretty confident Ulis makes the jump in his junior season, and I'll throw Sandfort in there as well as a big shooting guard. We'll see what Bowen can do and you have the old general Connor still around in the mix.
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    Iowa Basketball Offers Brock Harding

    Kid reminds me of a shorter Mike Gesell with better vision, passing and handles.
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    Payton Sandfort Growing in Iowa Program

    He's going to be a significant part of Iowa's success this season. It'll be interesting to see how he improves his speed and strength between now and next season.
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    Owen Freeman Building Bond with Iowa Basketball

    This young man is going to be a very good player for the Hawkeyes.
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    Iowa Basketball Hires Matt Gatens

    Probably a stretch to think he'd take over the reins of a high major program with 0 years of head coaching experience.
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    Speraw retiring

    Gatens it is!
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    Report: Iowa Basketball Taking on Duke

    This should be a fun one. Definitely something for the squad to look forward to, and show what they're made of. At MSG vs the blue blood of blue bloods... let's go!
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    Speraw retiring

    Best of luck to you.
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    Speraw retiring

    I'm a little surprised they haven't announced a new hire for this opening yet. I realize it's only been about 3 weeks, but I figured they'd have someone in place by now and hitting the recruiting trail.
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    Big Men in Portal

    I saw his dad post that was fake news though, but not sure what was fake about it because he didn't elaborate.
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    Speraw retiring

    I'd imagine this wasn't a surprise retirement and Fran probably has already been preparing for a replacement hire. I'd expect some news of a replacement hire to come fairly soon.
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    So what do "Student Athletes" think about the NIL

    There's a lot of things one can do to cash in on their Name, Image and Likeness. The fact is that your star players are going to attract more money based on their skills and on court performance, but that doesn't mean other players can't get creative with their personalities to generate deals. I...
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    Kris Murray

    This is amazing honestly. Personally, I still think Keegan has a lot of upside, and I know Kris does as well. If he can get drafted early 2nd round I think he should definitely go professional and give it all he's got. This is the dream that every young aspiring basketball players strives for...
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    Big Men in Portal

    I just wonder if Fran wants to stick around and play this game much longer. I wouldn't be shocked if he retires after Patrick completes his eligibility, and just helps Jack get the best deal the market has to offer when it's time for him to go to college. NCAA sports has just quickly evolved...
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    Big Men in Portal

    NCAA is a semi-pro league now and Iowa basketball is going to be the equivalent of a small market NBA team, but without the benefit of being able to grab a game changing talent in the draft.