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  1. JonDMiller

    Thank You

    I know I have not been around the boards for years...that's a me problem...just got burnt out. But thank you all for making HN a part of your regular Hawkeye Online Experience, for however long you have. I really appreciate it, and the support allowed me to have more fun than I ever dreamed...
  2. JonDMiller

    Kirk Ferentz: Living Legend

    The term 'living legend' gets tossed around a lot. For me a 'living legend' must inspire people & leave near unattainable legacies. In my opinion, Kirk Ferentz has done these things & is a living legend. Oh, and he is a good football coach, too. Column...
  3. JonDMiller

    Connor McCaffery Will NOT Redshirt

  4. JonDMiller

    The Three Players Iowa Can Least Afford To Lose

    You may not agree with my #1, but I frankly don't even think it's a debate...and I have the stats to back up my case:
  5. JonDMiller

    Brian Ferentz Midseason Transcript

    TRANSCRIPT: Brian Ferentz talks 1st half of the season offense, what they can do better, what they have done well:
  6. JonDMiller

    Tate v Stanley Through First Five

    This is all apropos of nothing...but I had no idea what I would find when I began this. Nearly identical attempts, completions and yards... Both were first year starters in their true soph seasons. Stanley with a much better TD/INT ratio...and rating. Similar YPA. Stanley with more bigger...
  7. JonDMiller

    FILM ROOM: Iowa v PSU

    FILM ROOM: Iowa v Penn State. still hurts..but so much good from Iowa defense & offense can get there. 48 clips
  8. JonDMiller

    kirk ferentz wyoming week transcript

    TRANSCRIPT: Kirk Ferentz's first game week press conference of the 2017 season
  9. JonDMiller

    Dolphin Tweet: Stanley To Start

  10. JonDMiller

    REport: 20-game B1G Schedule coming soon I am all for this....could then have 7 home and home opponents to just 6 single plays, where now there are just 5 home and home and 8 single plays.
  11. JonDMiller

    DJ Johnson Commits to Iowa

    Mom's Love Leads 4-Star Indianapolis Cornerback @DjJohnson1127 to Iowa:
  12. JonDMiller

    Collection of BTN Tweets from Iowa Practice
  13. JonDMiller

    Luke Garza Hype Train

    (*Luka, not Luke) I am trying to keep a level head about his production this summer...I dont think the competition overseas was all that good...probably sub PTL...but he did extremely well in PTL, and he dominated overseas..and I will stick to what I wrote last week...he has the most advanced...
  14. JonDMiller

    My 2017 Iowa Football Prediction I tried to paste it here, but it's over 2500 words and apparently our software does not like that
  15. JonDMiller

    TIGERHAWK AT THE 50: Now Official
  16. JonDMiller

    Iowa will play at Va Tech in B1G-ACC

    This is going to be a good VT team:
  17. JonDMiller

    Remembering the Time When Stoops Wanted the Iowa Job

    Bob Stoops wanted to be Iowa's coach. Iowa fans wanted committee tapped the breaks. I recount it all here
  18. JonDMiller

    Very Scary Incident Involving Noah Fant

    He is very fortunate the crazy guy didn't do anything
  19. JonDMiller

    Ferentz Transcript 4/19