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  1. Bordone

    Scoreboard pics

    Hey was hoping someone could help me out with a decent picture of the scoreboard from the 2017 OSU game? I have a shared work space where I work and I live in Columbus so I wanted to put the scoreboards for the 04 and 17 games up on my dual monitors for wallpapers. I have a pic of the 04 game...
  2. Bordone

    Emotional Ferentz

    I know it's not unusual for him to get choked up occasionally, but was surprised to see him fighting back tears at the end of this one. Maybe just happy for seniors, or more to it?
  3. Bordone

    Trend I hope continues

    Two games in a row with a D lineman getting an interception. Was also second of Hesse's career i believe.
  4. Bordone


    I think the fullbacks are going to have another NW type game against Purdue. Usually Seniors at Kinnick on Senior day Make statements. It's been nice to have fullbacks to watch that are playing the position.