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  1. MeatMan

    2014 Off-season Basketball Thread

    I still want to talk hoops, but don't want to get in a ******* match about Alford, the clones, or what McCabe tweeted. Can this be a place to talk hoops, why White should be a 4 instead of a 3, and if Fran will be able to turn the corner this year and nail a great recruiting class? I know...
  2. MeatMan

    Willie Atwood Update Thread

    No word on commitment status, but here's proof he was in IC 449756012593967104
  3. MeatMan

    Iowa Pro Day

    Here's a link. Some good times and numbers for the boys.
  4. MeatMan

    Sweet 16

    You know what irks me? Umass lays down for Tenn, and now they are going to play Mercer to go to the sweet 16. damn it Iowa!
  5. MeatMan

    Please stop posting ISU threads...

    In this forum. Thanks.
  6. MeatMan

    No more "like" button?

    I just was about to "like" another stellar post by Shane, and realized there is no more like button. Not a huge deal, because I can just tell him so, but it got me wondering why it was taken off.
  7. MeatMan

    Let's celebrate!

    To hell with you naysayers! I'm celebrating tonight. It's been way too damn long since the Hawks have been dancing. What are the true fans drinking tonight? I'm going with whiskey sours. Go Hawks!
  8. MeatMan

    Predict Iowa's tournament seed

    Let's make this public. What seed will Iowa draw for the dance?
  9. MeatMan

    Look at it this way

    Iowa gave us a gift. A NCAA tourney birth, and a free weekend to enjoy the beautiful weather! I've been outside all day, and will be doing the same tomorrow. Now if the wind would just calm down enough I could get my smoker out. HN brethren, please go outside and take in some fresh air. I...
  10. MeatMan

    Kick some *** today boys!

    Won't be able to watch the game today. sadface. Kick some *** today boys! Go Iowa awesome.
  11. MeatMan

    BTT predictions

    Well let's look at this in a positive. If the boys can somehow take this last month and flush it, it's a clean slate. Obviously a very winnable game to start the tourney, so maybe that's what is needed at this time. Going out on a limb and predicting two wins in the B1G tourney.
  12. MeatMan

    *** OFFICIAL*** Iowa v Illinois Game Thread

    Hey HN party peeps, who's bringing their A game tonight? Got my drink in hand, now to kick some Illini ***! Please, for the love of God, win this game. Maybe Aaron White can contribute to, that would be neat.
  13. MeatMan


    I work late tomorrow and won't be able to start the game thread. Who's going to start it? Do I start it early?
  14. MeatMan

    Wait a sec...

    Winning second half game thread!!!!!!!! I take a week off of the interwebz and I come back to this craziness? People are jumping off of bridges and burning effigies...say it ain't so HN brothers. Don't worry, I'll start the next game thread and we'll get back on our winning ways. Guess I'm not...
  15. MeatMan

    Hawks at the NFL combine

    I'm seeing via Twitter that CJ Fed is putting up some great numbers in the combine. Mike Loyko ‏@NEPD_Loyko 21m Fiedorowicz had the best short shuttle of a TE at 4.26 and Amaro was fourth at 4.30 Mike Loyko ‏@NEPD_Loyko 21m CJ Fiedorowicz had the top 3 cone for the TE at 7.10 Amaro 7.42
  16. MeatMan

    2013 HN Poster of the Year Awards

    Figured I should put this in the b-ball forum as that's where most folks are nowadays. Congrats to the winners, I can assure you that the new (secret) committee put in long hours evaluating each and every member of HN. Maybe if OK4P gets off his *** he can roll out the Prole's Choice...
  17. MeatMan

    Congrats to OutOfTownHawk 2013 football POY

    Great work OOTH. Keep up the great work. 2013 was definitely your year.
  18. MeatMan

    Congrats to jacknicolson - 2013 B-ball POY

    Congrats to jacknicholson - 2013 B-ball POY Good work Jack. Keep it up. Congrats.
  19. MeatMan

    HawkeyeNation 2013 B-ball POY

    Okay HN boys and Mn, it's time to vote. Who is your b-ball POY? jacknicolson ssckelley sportstalent palmettohawkfan bcl20 wundergrape tm3308 (tork)
  20. MeatMan

    Official Iowa v Michigan Game Thread

    Go Iowa Awesome! Defend home court. Kick some Michigan *** and represent. Time to the upperclassmen to step up and take this one.