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    The Elephant in the room

    ARE THE APTHETIC HAWKEYE BB FANS. Good grief ,what a sorry crowd for a Big 10 game. Nebraska packs a stadium to watch a sport that until recently was something they did until spring football. I know there are alot of valid reasons why Carver no longer packs them in. But to me the biggest hurdle...
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    I feel sorry for King

    He came back for this? I bet this is the last time that a Jr who has NFL potential sticks around another year to play for this coach.
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    Hypothetical ? on Drew Ott

    If he was healthy enough to play in the Rose Bowl.Would you want him to knowing he'll lose his possible chance at a medical redshirt for next season.
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    Please make the black out helmets our permanent lids

    They look classy ,only possible change would be flat black.
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    I hate MSU as much as I hate Nebraska. But what a horrible horrible horrible horrible call that allowed that last TD catch to stand. The entire crew at that games needs to be suspended. What the hell good is review if the idiot that reviewed it could not make the right call. No way in hell...
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    Who are the top Iowa BB players on the horizon

    Fran's boys are probably the top talent in the state. There's also the kid from Muscatine who is only a freshman. Who else is there. Future looks bright for Iowa BB talent.
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    OT, it time to rename the Lombardi trophy

    to Belichick Trophy? He has to be the greatest NFL coach of all time. He has managed to keep his team relevant for over 10 years. Few coaches can say that in this modern era of football. Of course he has Tom Brady(probably the greatest NFL QB of all time) but all his other personel have changed.
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    Looking at their roster,this appears to be the year for Bo to win the BIG and make a real run in the tourney. kaminsky is a SR as well as jackson. Decker is a jr,but does he leave early. next year they have no experienced centers. The next tallest is Dekker at 6 9.
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    Olesani needs to be the focus of our offense

    We should be running our offense thru him. He demonstrated what an offensive threat he is on the block against MSU(who will battle Wiscy for the BIG). We need to pound the ball down low to him. If the defense collapses, he throws it out to Jok or Uthoff for open 3s. White can clean up misses and...
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    wow,check out the comments

    of this article from the IC press citizen You have to be signed in using your facebook.. these fans don't sugar coat their feelings. BTW Feliz Navidad! Hope you all have...
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    Jon brought this up during his last podcast and I must agree. A huge number of fans attend because of the party that is around Kinnick and the game is just a reason for the party. Its family/friend reunions that happen 7 days in the fall. It like the sparrows of Capistrano(sp?) and the UI banks...
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    Long tenure coach

    Does this mean anything to recruits anymore. The one thing that a new coaching regime does is jump start the antication of the fan base and recruits that good times are ahead and can be used as momentum to help recruiting. You have a new staff fired up and motivated to make things happen. The...
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    under Kirk. I have been very negative regarding KF the past couple of years,but this is an accomplishment. Has any other coach ever coached 2 Outland winners? Which begs the question. Why aren't oline recruits getting in line to come play here? which begs another question,why is it difficult to...
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    Is there a luckier team than Wisconsin?

    Wiscy has some very good fortune. It started when they got aligned in the Legends division when OSU and PSU are hit with sanctions that takes them out of the legends race. They get to beat up on that division and play in the championship games. They somehow luck into a senior year for Wilson at...
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    Deace on Blue Blood in podcast

    listen to the podcast about the Nebby hire. Agreed with most eveything that was said EXCEPT Deace stating that the blue blood programs needed to great in order for the Big to be respected as a conference. That is bull s h i t. The Big needs to win the nonconference games to be respected. If OSU...
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    We can haz signature win?

    Yes we can!
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    what if Kirk was winning 9 games

    a year or averaging it. But was still failing to play in the Big title game. Would you still want him gone given his boring style of play? edit..lets say he does get to BIG title and even wins..Still avg 9 games with some 6-6 mixed in.
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    Top 11 in revenue

    We have some stiff competition in the BIG. I didn't realize Wiscy is #2 ahead of might OSU and Michigan . We are slightly ahead of 3 other Big teams. Texas at #1 sure aren't getting their moneys worth in FB.
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    Tavaun Smith

    Is our best WR and perhaps our best offensive player and GD and Jake cannot figure out ways to get the damn ball to him more than a couple of times a game. Where can I find stats for the game? I only saw the ball thrown one time to Smith? For a TD that he created.
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    pass protection Maryland vs Wiscy

    We passed a ton in the Maryland game and really struggled due to the poor pass protection. We did an excelllent job pass protecting against Wiscy. One of the best defenses in the country. Any oline experts wish to opine on the disparity?