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    College Gameday

    Looking more likely for Ames now that Syracuse is getting blown out by Maryland.
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    POLL: Will Tyler Cook Return to Iowa for His Junior Season?

    Please vote now :)
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    Jack Plumb Commits to Iowa

    Great pickup. Had offers from WI, MN, ASU, MSU,
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    Van Ginkel to Wisconsin

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    Iowa @ Rutgers 11 AM kick.

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    Bye Weeks for 2016 Opponents

    Something that I discovered when looking at the Big Ten master schedule was that none of our opponents have a bye week prior to playing us. Great advantage to have as "the hunted" this year.
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    Down Goes Wisconsin

    Damn it feels good.
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    Tyler Cook Commits to Iowa

    Per his Twitter page.
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    Blackout Uniform Teaser
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    Rumor out there is that he has switched from Wisconsin to Iowa. Scout Profile
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    NCAA '13 to feature AIRBHG

    NCAA 13 Early Release Gameplay: Minnesota vs Iowa - YouTube Canzeri hurt on the 1st play of the game. 2:24 into the video.
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    Breakout Player of 2012

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    Prater to Bengals

    Rd 5 Pick 21
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    You stopped them on 3rd down and you let 30+ more bleed off the clock? Unacceptable.
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    Law and Cooper

    I would love to see these two get some playing time ASAP. Bernstine better be starting next week and hopefully Lowery can unseat Castillo when he gets back.
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    Discretionary Timeout

    When did they get rid of this in college football for crowd noise? I was watching the Iowa/Michigan game from 85 and I can't believe that this was actually a rule at one time.
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    Simeon Rice

    He is known as a LB, but the only clips I have seen of him are him lining up at DE rushing the QB. Did he just mix it up or play on the line the majority of the time? I just wonder because by the highlights I have seen of him he should be considered a DE.
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    Cyrus K.

    Is visiting after he takes the SAT on Saturday. Nice to have his probable last visit even though most think he is Bama bound.
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    Kirby to Illinois

    Per the rivals ticker. Since Iowa is boring and all.
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    Another highlight vid of Coe

    YouTube - Rodney Coe #21 Didn't see this one posted on here yet...this one was uploaded in November. Shows his catching ability in this one.