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    Preseason AP Poll
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    Transfer Portal Impact

    2022 Transfer Big-Ten Football Team Rankings ( Per the above. Iowa is last in the B10 in transfer portal activity, 124th overall. Of course, it remains to be seen to what extent 'activity' will correlate to success in the coming season - B10 and nationally. Obviously, some teams...
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    BT Championship Pre-Game

    Todays game, while outstanding, exposed our weakness when teams get to the paint. I would be shocked if Purdue does not try to pound it inside to their big men all game. Any chance we play Mulvey or Ogundele in place of Rebraca? Give up 10 fouls to jam the middle?
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    Thoughts on Season

    Our schedule had more to do with our 10-2 season than our talent and coaching. - We did not play a team during the regular season that finished the season in the Top 25. - We lost to the two ranked teams we played in post-season - We only beat one B10 team with a winning B10 record. - We...
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    Barta Comments

    While we were on hiatus... "Set aside watching the games, though that’s certainly a part of it," Barta said. This explains so much about the AD. T
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    Heads rolling today....
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    Streaming Audio for Iowa Football?

    Live in SC and been streaming Iowa Football broadcast for years via Tuned In. Now they want $15 / month to access. Anyone have any other options? Go Hawks!
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    Illinois hires Bielema
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    Muschamp Fired / Buyout

    The Gamecocks are on the hook to pay Muschamp a $13.2 million buyout, plus another $487,000 for his daily salary (approximately $10,820 per day) from Nov. 16-Dec. 31.
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    How the spread offense conquered college football

    Interesting take on the evolving state of the game (with roots in the state of Iowa)
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    Iowa held PSU to the same 17 points as OSU. Difference is OSU scored 28 against PSU and we scored 12.
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    Year over year is this program trending in the right direction?
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    Michigan football linked to college hoops corruption trial
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    Offensive Line

    I believe the quality of our OL talent seems to have fallen off in the last three years (and I don't think I'm alone on this). The following represents Iowa OL named to the Coaches All B-10 1st or 2nd team since 2008. 2008 3 2009 3 2010 2 2011 2 2012 1 2013 2 2014 2 2015 2 2016 0...
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    'Old School' Football

    Watching the game on BTN,, I was struck by how often the announcers referred to 'Iowa Football'' as "old school" or similar inferences. Quoted BF and having a goal of gaining 4 yds per play and grinding down opponents. It's 2017. Woody Hayes called and wants his playbook back.
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    2017 Record

    What do you the Hawk's 2017 overall W-L record will be?
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    Why so few WR's?

    According to the ESPN recruiting stats, the 2013- 2016 Iowa recruiting classes signed 8 recruits listed as WR. Of those, 4 were on the 2016 roster (4 have apparently left the program). 2013 Class: Signed - 4 2016 roster - Vandeberg 2014 Class: Signed - 0 2015 Class: Signed - 3...
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    Ferentz & Coaching Vacancies

    Given all the coaching vacancies at the end of the season, has Ferentz received any calls or offers elsewhere?
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    Any all B-10 players on this team?

    Are there any All-B10 players on this team?
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    Each game with this team and staff continues to prove Gary Barta is the most incompetent AD in the country.