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    Frans Recruiting By Year

    The Hawks exceeded my expectations this year and I'm happy for that. With that said, the recruiting has been subpar over the past 12 years under Fran. 2010: Basabe 3* Cartwright 3* Marble Jr 4* McCabe 3* 2011: White 3* Oglesby 3* Olaseni 3* 2012: Woodbury 4* Gesell 4* Clemmons 3* Meyer 3*...
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    Bracketology Thoughts

    The latest bracketology came out. Current Standings IN: Illinois (3) Purdue (2) Wisky (4) Mich St (5) fOSU(5) Rutgers (out) Iowa (7) Michigan (out) Indiana (9) NW (out) PSU (out) Minny (out) Maryland (out) Debby (out) First: How the F is Indiana in? Their only win against a top 25 team is...
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    Way to early starting 5 (next year)

    Let's start guessing: PG - Toussaint / Bohannon / McCaffery SG - Bohannon / Moss / Fredrick SF - Wieskamp / McCaffery PF - Cook / Pemsl C - Garza / Nunge
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    What do the past two games say about our staff?

    this isn’t a collective of coaches that know how to draw up X’s and O’s
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    Fran, Dolph, Barta

    Get rid of them all. Those three have taken away from the players and it shows. The game is not about three dipshit adults but you can see that their distractions have had an impact on how this season unfolded Time to clean house and build a program that is about the players.
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    Doug Gottllieb

    is the guy on a 3 day bender? Yikes he looks rough.
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    I’m done with Fran

    its time for him to move along. A lineup of Baer, McCaff, Kriener, Dailey, and a kid nobody could pick out of a one person lineup. Down 10 on the road and TRYING to get T’d up. Just terrible
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    Random bench question

    Watching the Minny @ Michigan game and was wondering why Michigan is sitting to the right of the scorers table? Shouldn’t the home team sit to the left?
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    Another mediocre season

    ultra conservative play calling throughout the season. Missed opportunities Poor ‘team’ play when needed. Leaving players on the field when they clearly have no business being out there. Clock management has been brutal 1-6 in games decided by less than a TD. Let’s give the Ferentz...
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    Mark Stoops

    If we’re going to have a family run the Iowa program then what are we waiting for?
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    Teams looking for new coaches

    UCLA - Fired Mora and are currently 5-6 on the season. Losing season last year but went 37-25 over past 5 seasons including two 10-3 seasons. Tennessee - Fired Butch Jones. Terrible season this year and the guy is a boob but won 9 games in prior two seasons and has consistently put together...
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    +21.5 points.

    Please tell me when a "top" program was ever a 21+ point underdog at home?
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    3rd and 7 on our own 39 yard line

    It's still the 1st half and the game is close, call it 10-7 Iowa. 1. What does KF and staff call? 2. What would you call?
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    Can Iowa lose this week?

    Only if we played a game.
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    Bowl Projection time anyone? Just name the Iowa game.

    For the record, reading this gave me a headache. Foster Farms
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    The only stat you need to know....

    The record for the five teams that Iowa has beaten this year is a combined 11-22 and only one team has a winning percentage greater than .500 The record for the five remaining teams on our schedule is 22-8 and only one team with a winning percentage worse than 67%. It is not inconceivable that...
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    Just a little perspective

    Les Miles went 114-34 with two national championship appearances during his twelve seasons at LSU. Kirk Ferentz has gone 81-53 with no national championship appearances over the past twelve seasons at Iowa. Both coaches make roughly $4.5 million per year. Both coaches were well liked and...
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    Anyone secretly wanting the guy to start and throw for 350+ yards and 3+ TDs?
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    another question

    Up 2 with 3 seconds to play. Minny has the inbounds and needs points to tie or win. Your 5 on the floor are Gesell - check White - check Olaseni - check Clemmons - check Oglesby - really? So the guy that has length and stats that are off the charts tonight is sitting in the bench...